School Council

Since the start of the 2002-2003 School Year, Leicester Grammar School has had its own student School Council. At present, this body consists of 16 students; one girl and one boy from each year elected by their peers. The Council Chairperson, Vice chair and Secretary are nominated and elected by the Council from amongst their members.

The aim of the Council is to provide a forum where the views and concerns of students can be aired and/or canvassed by staff. Since its formation it has dealt with issues as diverse as the provision of mirrors in the boys changing rooms (!) and the range and quality of food on offer within school refectory. They have also dealt with a number of items passed on to them by senior members of staff for consultation; including some work on gender issues within the School. Throughout, the Council has fulfilled its remit of being a mouthpiece for the views of the student body as a whole, regardless of its success or failure on particular issues. In the recent past they contributed significantly during the consultation period prior to the introduction of the new uniform.