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  • Published on 25/02/22 by Natalie Hunt

    Staying well and safe

    I hope that you and family enjoyed some rest and time together over the half-term week as you sheltered from the storms. The weather was not on our side, but we have been enjoying brighter and longer days since our return to school. We are grateful to those parents who take the time to complete s...
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  • Published on 11/02/22 by Natalie Hunt

    40 ways to make the world a better place

    When interviewing prospective staff this week, I have asked them for their impressions of the school. They have said it is calm and purposeful and that they have seen lots of smiling faces. They have also commented on the space, brightness and airiness of the building and the site; it is a far cry f...
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  • Published on 04/02/22 by Natalie Hunt

    The nub of the matter

    We have been pleased recently to welcome several trustees into the three Trust schools to conduct their monitoring visits. They have been scrutinising the implementation of important policies and making any suggestions for improvement. These policies cover the following aspects of school life: Admis...
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  • Published on 28/01/22 by Natalie Hunt

    Know it! See it! Say it! Do it!

    “The children we met were all very welcoming, friendly and engaging, more than happy to chat. ‘Well rounded individuals, confident but not arrogant, such a good reflection on the school,’ said a parent.”
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  • Published on 21/01/22 by Natalie Hunt

    The Matthew Effect

    Our Years 11 and 13 pupils have recently completed their trial (mock) exams, having spent part of the Christmas holiday revising and consolidating their knowledge. Some of this knowledge will remain in their short-term or working memory, whilst repetition, practice and application will also have ena...
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  • Published on 14/01/22 by Natalie Hunt

    Shine a Light

    It’s been lovely to be treated to some beautiful, crisp winter days this week, with some glorious sunrises – quite a contrast to the gloomy yet unseasonably mild days of December. Such brightness certainly lifts our spirits, especially when most of us leave and return home in the dark...
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  • Published on 10/12/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Thankfulness in a topsy-turvy world

    I hope that many of us have become more thankful over the last eighteen months for so much that we had previously been inclined to take for granted. Christmas is a time when we traditionally give thanks, and let’s hope this year that we can celebrate with family and friends.
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  • Published on 26/11/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Care and community

    We have been very pleased to welcome Mrs Rebecca Dockree to our staff this week as our new Well-being Manager. She brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise in working with young people and is also a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead. She will work alongside other pastoral staff in all...
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  • Published on 19/11/21 by Natalie Hunt

    The Power of Words

    Last Friday, we thoroughly enjoyed a round of ‘Just a Minute’ involving four of my colleagues modelling this fun competition for pupils who today represent their houses during form time. I hope there are plenty of volunteers who are prepared to step out of their comfort zone and pit thei...
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  • Published on 12/11/21 by Natalie Hunt

    We will remember them

    The word ‘corporate’ is mostly used nowadays to refer to business, and less so in the context of corporate acts of celebration or remembrance. You probably don’t need a Latinist to tell you that it comes from the word ‘corpus’ meaning ‘body’. Yesterday, we c...
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  • Published on 05/11/21 by Natalie Hunt


    Many of us enjoyed a really super evening on Wednesday. Our Year 13 students who had completed an EPQ presented their extended projects, both visually in the form of a display (accompanied in some cases by an ‘artefact’) and through an oral presentation to their supervisors and other...
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  • Published on 15/10/21 by Natalie Hunt

    LGS Tomorrow

    Today is Foundation Day, when we have the opportunity to celebrate everything LGS stands for in 2021, to give thanks for those who had the inspiration to found our school forty years ago in 1981, and to share with others who have been part of its remarkable journey. We are privileged to welcome t...
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