National Citizen Service

Leicester Grammar School has been a proud supporter of the National Citizen Service for many years. Introduced by David Cameron, the scheme encourages students to give up some of their time to participate in a range of outdoor activities such as canoeing, rock climbing and sailing; to gain experience of group activities in a business type challenge and to help in community based action such as environmental projects. To us, this has always seemed a tremendous opportunity for all our students and we have been lucky to have many visits to school from the staff at NCS who do a tremendous job in encouraging the students here to seize new opportunities and, in particular, for those who possibly do not do many co-curricular activities in school, to go outside of their comfort zone and do something different and of value to them as individuals and to their community.

We know that all the students who have participated in the scheme have gained a huge amount from it, way beyond a certificate from the Prime Minister and the chance to include details about NCS on any future UCAS application. We will continue to encourage our students to support NCS. Being awarded the honour of being a Champion School in 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 is a source of great pride for us all at Leicester Grammar School.