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  • Published on 25/10/19 by Natalie Hunt

    Measuring success and happiness

    Tuesday’s Daily Telegraph online included an interesting graphic which mapped independent schools’ GCSE grades against their termly fees. I am pleased to report that LGS fared particularly well, sitting towards the most positive extreme of the quartile reflecting ‘Low Fees High Gra...
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  • Published on 11/10/19 by Natalie Hunt

    It's OK not to be OK

    Yesterday was World Mental Health Day. Pupils and staff were asked to contribute their thoughts on what they did when they felt down or stressed and to highlight what they were grateful for. These were then strung together around the main foyer to form a colourful, practical and very positive displa...
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  • Published on 04/10/19 by Natalie Hunt

    Master of my fate and captain of my destiny

    Whilst I was very pleased to return to LGS yesterday, it’s also good to get out of school every so often to freshen my perspective and to learn from others. The 150th Anniversary HMC Conference in London certainly provided such an opportunity, and I was able to benefit from some excellent spea...
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  • Published on 27/09/19 by Natalie Hunt

    Where to next?

    I hope that many of you were able to attend the Careers Fair on Wednesday evening. It was my first experience of such an occasion at LGS, and I was impressed by the number and range of opportunities represented. There was a real ‘buzz’ of conversation, and stalls were piled with prospect...
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  • Published on 20/09/19 by Natalie Hunt

    The Power of Praise

    I imagine that many of us are not terribly good at receiving praise. We may deflect it by saying something like: “It was really a team effort” or “I just happened to be in the right place at the right time”. Whilst this might be the ‘modest’ response, I have learn...
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  • Published on 13/09/19 by Natalie Hunt

    We're all in this together

    I often think that a school is a bit ‘soulless’ during the holiday, as it is the people, especially our pupils, who lend it life! So, what a joy it has been to see so many smiling faces and to experience the buzz and excitement of renewed activity over the last week.
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  • Published on 28/06/19 by Natalie Hunt

    The Power of Language

    “Teenagers are gonna wanna do their v best in exams but gotta be thinkin about not using too much slang.” So began one of the articles in the Times on Wednesday. According to an online tutoring agency, ‘slanglish’ is partially to blame for teenagers failing their Engli...
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  • Published on 21/06/19 by Mhairi Thornton


    We have welcomed some of you to parents’ evenings this week, and I hope that they have proved helpful and encouraging. Our Year 7s have just begun their LGS journey, whilst our Year 12s should be giving earnest consideration to their next destination – whether it be university, an appren...
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  • Published on 14/06/19 by Natalie Hunt

    Images of Peace

    We have looked this week at some powerful images in assemblies – all of which we can interpret in our own ways. That is, of course, the wonder of art, which, like music, drama and literature, allows us to discover meaning which is relevant to our own lives. This creative and sometimes ‘s...
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  • Published on 07/06/19 by Natalie Hunt


    I stressed on Wednesday afternoon to parents of new pupils how very important and special our partnership was as their children embarked on the adventure of secondary education. In fact, we are, as teachers and parents, co-educators as we aim to give our children the best possible preparation for th...
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  • Published on 24/05/19 by Natalie Hunt

    A fire to be ignited...

    I have enjoyed a very full and exciting first four weeks at Leicester Grammar and it’s hard to believe that half-term is now upon us! We have already begun to look towards the next academic year, and welcomed the new Prep pupils and their parents to the school on Tuesday; we were delighted to...
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  • Published on 17/05/19 by Natalie Hunt

    A positive balance

    At a time when thousands of sixteen-year-olds are sitting their GCSE examinations, we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week. Policy-makers have been acutely aware of the increase in mental health concerns amongst adolescents, but that did not stop them raising the stakes through the creation of the...
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