2019-2020 Senior Prefects

Congratulations to the new 2019-2020 Senior Prefect Team which will be led by Head Boy, Nick and Fran and their deputies Will and Kirsty.

The Senior Prefect Team in full:

  • Daniel B
  • Bradley C
  • Ruby E
  • Liberty F
  • Kirsty F (Deputy Head Girl)
  • Jude H-B
  • William H (Deputy Head Boy)
  • Francesca J (Head Girl)
  • Emily K (with special responsibility for Student Support)
  • Benjamin L
  • Emily M
  • Ellie M
  • Georgia M
  • Ellen M
  • Aoife M
  • Jatin N (with special responsibility for Music)
  • Nicholas N-K (Head Boy)
  • Zach P
  • George R
  • Emma R (with special responsibility for Music)
  • Vaidehi S
  • Kuberan S
  • Nazir S
  • Alice S