A bright and inclusive future

Wednesday was our first LGS ‘Heritage Day - What’s Your Story?’. We celebrated the diversity of our school community; aimed for better mutual understanding as we learned from each other’s stories; and pledged to stamp out racism in our school and to strive for inclusion and equity in our world.

The Headmaster wore his bright Buchanan tartan tie, reflecting his paternal Scottish side, but this was a feeble expression alongside the colourful and striking traditional dress worn by many pupils. Numerous inquisitive conversations ensued as we shared our pride in our own distinctive stories – conversations which are sometimes avoided through fear of causing offence.

One of the best outcomes of our discussions around race this year has undoubtedly been a greater willingness to talk openly and to understand and respect differences rather than an erstwhile orthodoxy of ‘not seeing difference’. Put more positively, however, and as quoted by our guest speaker, Kare Adenegan, in the morning:

“Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another's uniqueness.” (Ola Joseph)

Some of our pupils generously volunteered in the afternoon for a panel, answering questions about heritage, race, the curriculum and representation. And we were pleased to find out that Kare, whose story had so inspired us, had just had her selection confirmed for Team GB in the Tokyo Paralympics.

A beautiful sunny day was crowned by our most ambitious socially distanced concert yet, with over a hundred talented pupils in their different bubbles filling St Nicholas’ Hall with their joyful music-making.

It was a day that fired me with optimism for our young people’s futures.

Best wishes,

John Watson