Student Voice

Students have a right to participate in the development and design of their own learning and education.  At Leicester Grammar we believe that, as education is coming to be seen as a more democratic process in which pupils expect to have input and ownership over their educational journey, anyone participating in the process of learning has a voice that should be heard.

Given education also prepares young people for life in the wider world it is vital that the growing importance of internationalisation and recent global events, such as the impact of the pandemic, climate change, #BLM, #MeToo and the ongoing implications of Brexit are discussed to encourage young people to both raise and use their voices. 

  • Prefect System
    Our team of Sixth Form prefects is led by two excellent Heads of School, selected by their peers and staff.  The prefects are involved in many aspects of school life, from assemblies to lunch duty, welcoming new pupils and acting as guides for visitors.  They meet regularly with the Headmaster to discuss issues of importance.
  • School Council
    At Leicester Grammar we use the Smart School Councils model which gives every pupil in our community the opportunity to have their say on certain key school issues.  There are three councils, one for Lower School (Y6-8), one for Middle School (Y9-11) and one for Sixth Form.  Although overseen by staff, School Council is designed to promote student voice with pupils taking  the lead in proposing initiatives and putting them into practice.  Members of each School Council pass on ideas raised at their meetings to members of the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
    We have three specific EDI focused groups at Leicester Grammar School that are open to all; EMBRACE, FemSoc and Spectrum.  These groups are driven by our pupils' desire to learn and educate others and are overseen by a named member of staff.  Our groups meet regularly and are responsible for the planning and implementation of awareness raising events, such as our whole school celebrations for Culture Day and Black History Month, and assemblies that focus on issues such as gender stereotyping.  Our Sixth Form students take the lead, with staff supervision, in weekly discussion groups, at which all are welcome.
  • Staff recruitment and decision-making
    Pupils are involved in the recruitment of all senior members of staff at Leicester Grammar School and their opinions are sought concerning suitability.  Groups of pupils also took an active part in the tendering process for our new catering contract in 2022.


  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Whisper is our dedicated online platform that pupils can use to reach out for help, either for themselves, a friend, or a change that will benefit the wider community.  It is completely anonymous and can be accessed via any internet enabled device.  Whisper allows a member of our pastoral team to reply to pupils and help them identify solutions or seek further support.