General Information

Fees are subject to revision from time to time but, as far as possible, it is the policy of the Trustees to give parents a minimum of a term’s notice of any change made.

Tuition fees, which include all books and stationery (other than specialised material in the Sixth Form) are payable in advance no later than the first day of each term.

The fees from September 2019 (still applicable in September 2020) are as follows:

Fee Amount
Registration Fee £75.00 (non refundable)
Tuition Fee £4,495.00 per term for all pupils (tuition fees are normally reviewed annually; due to the current extraordinary circumstances, the next review will occur in the Advent Term 2020, with any change effective from January 2021)
Deposit £300.00 (payable on acceptance of an offer of a place at the school (This deposit is repaid when the child leaves the school, after deducting any amounts outstanding.)

A sibling discount scheme operates across all 3 of the Trust’s schools Leicester Grammar School, Leicester Grammar Junior School and Stoneygate School, whereby a discount is applied to the termly bill for the youngest child in the family as follows:

  • 2nd child 5%
  • 3rd child 7.5%
  • 4th child 10%

What is not included in the fees?

Fees do not cover school uniform items, bus fares to and from school, lunch, school trips or individual music tuition.

School Fees Remission

The School Fees Remission scheme provides remission of fees for the period when a pupil is absent from school for reason of bona fide illness. For a claim to be made, the absence must be for a period of five consecutive days or more. The cost of participating in this scheme is equal to 1.5% of the termly fee and is automatically added to the termly bill. It is not compulsory to participate in this scheme and any parent who prefers to opt out should notify the LGS Finance Department.

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For a copy of the claim form, contact the LGS Finance Department. 

Pupil Personal Accident Scheme

There is a Pupil Personal Accident scheme available to all pupils at a cost of £4.00 per term, which is automatically added to the termly bill. This policy covers accidents which result in serious and permanent injuries such as the loss of a limb, loss of eyesight, or extensive disfigurement. The scheme provides cover 24 hours per day, including outside of term-time. It is not compulsory to participate in the scheme and any parent who prefers to opt out should notify the LGS Finance Department.

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For any further information about this scheme please contact the LGS Finance Department.

Individual Music Tuition

For information about individual instrumental lessons please email music@leicestergrammar.org.uk