There is a powerful sense of community at Leicester Grammar School, to which every child and adult's contribution is both valued and celebrated.

This is reflected in our school aims and underpinned by our Christian ethos. We aim to:

  • Create a happy and mutually-supportive community of learners and staff, in which each individual is encouraged and enabled to do and be their best.
  • Welcome pupils of diverse backgrounds and faiths, nurturing their social and spiritual development.‚Äč
  • Foster a generous contribution to charity, community service and society.

We build community every day through our assemblies, services, house and year group systems, Life Education, teamwork, opportunities for responsibility, mentoring and role-modelling.

The success and happiness of our school stem from:

  • The consideration which we show for each other
  • Our willingness to learn from mistakes and to become better human beings
  • The values we share
  • Our pride and joy in belonging to a diverse and inclusive pupil and staff body
  • The outward-looking nature of our community
  • Our care for those less fortunate than ourselves
  • Our welcome for all who visit us
  • Our contribution to our local community
  • The partnerships we create through our outreach programme

Above all, we aim to nurture young people who will lead generous, caring and fulfilling lives, improving the communities and society which they share with others.