Our People

Senior Leadership

Headmaster of Leicester Grammar School and Principal of the Leicester Grammar School Trust

Mr John Watson, M.A. (Oxon: Hertford) Classics and Modern Languages

Director of Finance and Operations

Mr Stephen Jeffries, LLB (Leeds) Law F.C.A.

Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Mrs Angela Ewington, M.A. (Nottingham) Biology

Deputy Head (Academic)

Mr Magnus Anderson, M.A. (Cantab: Pembroke) Physics

Assistant Head (Director of Studies)

Mr Carl James, M. A. (Cantab: Girton) Mathematics

Assistant Head (Community)

Mrs Clare Jess, M.A. (Cantab: Gonville & Caius) French & Spanish

Heads of Year

  • Miss Jo Mould, B.Ed (Bedford College of HE), Head of Prep (Year 6)
  • Mr Nathan Grimadell, B.Sc. (Derby), Head of Year 7
  • Mr Laurie Potter,  Head of Year 8
  • Mr Troy Thacker, B.Ed.(C.N.A.A: Crewe & Alsager College), Head of Year 9
  • Mrs Nikki Laybourne, B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. (Loughborough), Head of Year 10
  • Mrs Jane Tompkins, B.A. (Leicester), M.A. (Heythrop: London), Head of Year 11
  • Mr Trevor Allen, B.A. (Kent), Head of Sixth Form
  • Mrs Zoe Village, B.Sc. (Leicester), Assistant Head of Sixth Form​​​​​​


Art and Design

  • Miss Katie-May Driver, B.A. (University of the Arts) Head of Art and Design
  • Mrs Amanda Davies, M.A. (De Montfort)
  • Ms Sally Haywood, B.Ed. (Worcester College) B.A. (O.U.), History of Art
  • Miss Jennie Knight, B.A. (De Montfort)


  • Dr Kathryn Fulton, B.Sc. (Dunelm), PhD. (Nottingham), Head of Biology
  • Mrs Philippa Clare, B. Sc, A.R.C.S. (Imperial College), M.Sc. (Leicester)
  • Mr Peter Cox, B.Sc. (Wales: University College of Wales, Bangor) Duke of Edinburgh Award| Learning Technologies Co-ordinator
  • Mrs Angela Ewington, M.A. (Nottingham), Deputy Head (Pastoral)
  • Mr Paul Lawrence, B.Sc. (Leicester)

Business & Economics

  • Mr Peer Moore-Friis, B.A. (De Montfort) PGDIP (Oxford), CIM DIP, Head of Business & Economics |Young Enterprise Co-ordinator
  • Mr Khuzema Esmail, B.A. (Portsmouth), Head of PSD


  • Mrs Clare Scott, B.A. (Hons), Careers Leader


  • Dr Simon Ainge, B.Sc., Ph.D (Newcastle), C.Chem, F.R.S.C., ARSM (Organ), Head of Chemistry| School Organist
  • Mr Raheel Kaleem, M.Sc. (Leicester)
  • Dr Adrianne Kendall, M.A., D.Phil (Oxon: Wadham and Linacre)
  • Mr Andrew King, M.Chem (Loughborough) Assistant Timetabler
  • Miss Angela Patterson, B.Sc. (Sunderland Polytechnic) Head of House - Duke's |Community Service Co-ordinator


  • Mr Robert McLean, B.A. (Oxon: Lady Margaret Hall), Head of Classics
  • Mrs Lucy Cade-Stewart, B.A. (Oxon: Wadham)
  • Mr Christopher Gilham, B.A. (London)
  • Mr Philip Pratt, M.A. (Harvard)
  • Dr Anastasia Vassilliou-Abson, B.A. (Athens), M.Phil, PhD (Birmingham)


  • Mrs Maskean Sian, B.A. (Middlesex), Head of Computing
  • Mr Jaspal Singh, B.A. (Coventry)

Design, Engineering and Technology

  • Miss Katie Campbell, B.A. (Nottingham Trent), Head of Design, Engineering & Technology
  • Mr Will Burns, B.Sc. (Edinburgh Napier)
  • Mr Nathan Grimadell, B.Sc. (Derby), Head of Year 7


  • Ms Annette Hulme, B.A. (Essex), M.A. (Loughborough), Head of Drama
  • Miss Rachel Adams, B.A. (Italia Conti Academy)
  • Dr Julian Griffin, M. A. (Cantab: Fitzwilliam), PhD (OU), Head of English | Theatre Studies


  • Dr Julian Griffin, M. A. (Cantab: Fitzwilliam), PhD (OU), Head of English | Theatre Studies
  • Mrs Rachael Kendall, B.A. (Dunelm), M.A. (Goldsmiths), Deputy Head of English
  • Mrs Catherine Barnes, B.A. (De Montfort), M.A. (Birmingham)
  • Miss Rebecca Hadfield, B.A. (Exeter) Head of House - Masters
  • Mrs Marlene Higginson, B.Ed, M.A (Toronto) Editor of Leicestrian
  • Miss Nicola Hughes, B.A. (London) Head of Initial Teacher Training
  • Mr James Hunt, B.A. (Reading)

Food and Nutrition

  • Mrs Elaine Nisbet, B.Ed (Trent Polytechnic)
  • Mrs Rebecca Pole, B.Sc. (Sheffield Hallam)


  • Mr Richard Campbell, M.A. (Edgehill), Head of Geography
  • Mr Craig Cumming, M.Sc. (Edinburgh)
  • Mrs Heather Feasey, B.A. (Cape Town)
  • Miss Emma Hill, B.Sc. (Reading)
  • Mrs Marie McNally, B.A. (Westminster)


  • Mr Andrew Picknell, M.A. (University of London), Head of History
  • Mr Trevor Allen, B.A. (Kent), Head of Sixth Form
  • Mrs Vicky Hird, B.A. (Leicester)
  • Mrs Amanda McHugh, M.A. (Anglia Ruskin)

Learning Support

  • Miss Joy Clapham, BA.(Hons), M.B.A.Ed, PGC:SpLD (Leicester), PGC:SENCO (Northampton), SpLD APC and TPC (Patoss), Head of Learning Support
  • Mrs Clare Charles, BTh. (Cantab: Selwyn), SpLD ATS (BDA)


  • Dr David Crawford, M.A., D.Phil (Oxon: Jesus), M.Ed. (Bristol), M.A. Ed. (O.U.) M.Sc. (O.U.), Head of Mathematics
  • Mr Graham Inchley, B.Sc. (Hull), M.Sc. (Bristol), Deputy Head of Mathematics
  • Miss Roxanne Burfoot, B.Sc. (Birmingham)
  • Miss Lorraine Howd, B.Sc. (East Anglia)
  • Mr Carl James, M. A. (Cantab: Girton), Assistant Head (Director of Studies)
  • Miss Hannah McCleery, B.Sc. (Loughborough)
  • Mr Neil Murray, B.Sc. (Imperial), M.A. (London), M.Sc. (Sheffield Hallam)
  • Mrs Kerry Pollard, B.Sc. (Loughborough)
  • Mr Joey Radford, B.Sc. (Sheffield) Head of House - Judges
  • Mrs Zoe Village, B.Sc. (Leicester), Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Modern Foreign Languages

  • Mrs Sylvie Lopez-Correia, M.A. (Université de Picardie Jules Verne), Head of Modern Languages
  • Mrs Emma Nelson, B.A. (Northumbria), Deputy Head of Modern Foreign Languages
  • Mrs Amy Dewe, B.A. (Warwick), French | Charities Co-ordinator
  • Mrs Katharine Douglas, B.A. (Liverpool), Italian |EAL
  • Mrs Clare Jess, M.A. (Cantab: Gonville & Caius) French & Spanish |Assistant Head (Community)
  • Sra Irma Manktelow, B.Sc. (Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico), Spanish
  • Mrs Francoise Paton, DEUG and Licence (Bordeaux), French
  • Miss. A. Raebel, M.A. (Leipzig), French and German
  • Mrs. M. Siegfried-Brookes, M.Sc. (Zurich), German Assistant


  • Mr John Barker, B.Mus. MMus (Royal College of Music)  PGCE MTeach (UCL IOE), Director of Music
  • Mrs Amy McPherson, B.A. (Oxon: St Anne's), Deputy Director of Music |Able, Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator
  • Mrs Emma Else, B.A. (Birmingham Conservatoire)
  • Miss Eleanor Graff-Baker, M.A. (Oxon: Queen's)

Personal and Social Development

  • Mr Khuzema Esmail, B.A. (Portsmouth) Head of PSD

Physical Education

  • Mr Chris Howe, B.Ed (C.N.A.A. Crewe & Alsager College), Director of Sport
  • Mr Geraint Davies, MEd., B.Sc. (De Montfort), Head of PE and Games
  • Mrs Aneska Button, B.A. (Loughborough)
  • Mrs Charlotte Calland, B.A. (De Montfort)
  • Mr Harry Ellis, B.Sc. (Loughborough)
  • Miss Christina Feeney, B.A. (Dunelm) Head of House - Vice Chancellors
  • Miss Caitlin Jeffries, B.Sc. (West of England)
  • Mrs Nikki Laybourne, B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. (Loughborough), Head of Year 10
  • Mr Dave McCann, B.Ed (Leicester)
  • Mr Laurie Potter,  Head of Year 8
  • Mr Matt Stubbs, B.Ed. (Sheffield Hallam), Head of Academic PE
  • Mr Troy Thacker, B.Ed.(C.N.A.A: Crewe & Alsager College), Head of Year 9
  • Miss Victoria Wayman, B.Sc. (Loughborough), Sports Graduate


  • Mr Philip Reeves, B.Sc. (Manchester), Head of Physics; Director of Rugby
  • Miss Ellen Allcoat, B.Sc. (Bristol) Senior House Co-ordinator
  • Mr Magnus Anderson, M.A. (Cantab: Pembroke) Deputy Head (Academic)
  • Mrs Fiona Johnston, B.Sc. (Thames Polytechnic)
  • Miss Kate MacLeod, B.Sc. (University College London) EPQ Co-ordinator
  • Mr Peter Wesson, B.Eng. (Leeds)


  • Dr Sarah Yeomans, M.A, PhD (Loughborough) Head of Politics


  • Ms Kat Lovelock, B.A. (Warwick), Head of Psychology

Religious Studies

  • Ms Jane Ford, B.A. (Newcastle), Head of Religious Studies
  • Mrs Eva Brookes, B.A. (Sheffield), M.A. (London)
  • Mrs Jane Tompkins, B.A. (Leicester), M.A. (Heythrop: London), Head of Year 11
  • Mr Duncan Whitton, B.A. (Leicester Polytechnic)


  • Mr Duncan  Willis, B.Sc. (C.N.A.A: Portsmouth Polytechnic), Science


  • Mrs Amanda Davies, M.A. (De Montfort)
  • Miss Jennie Knight, B.A. (De Montfort)

Support Staff

  • Mr Gordon Barks, Security Officer
  • Mr Michael Barnett, Facilities Apprentice
  • Mr Les Berry, Groundsman
  • Ms Josie Bessell, Receptionist
  • Mrs Mary Bloomfield, Music Department Administrator
  • Mrs Susan Brooks, Finance Assistant
  • Mr Jonathan Burfoot, Site Services Operative
  • Mrs Sally Champion, B.A. (Hons), M.A. (Loughborough), Assistant Librarian
  • Mrs Stella Cole, Laboratory Technician
  • Mrs Naomi Cresswell, B.A. (Hons), Pool and Sports Centre Manager
  • Mrs Anjana Dhesi, Food Technology Technician
  • Mrs Bridgid Dickens, Deputy Head of Site Services
  • Mr Philip Durham, Security Officer
  • Miss Katie England, B.A. (Hons), Database Manager
  • Mr Oliver Gilbert, Groundsman
  • Mr Ravinder Gill, B.Sc. (Hons), Senior IT Technician
  • Mr Jim Harvey, DT Technician
  • Mr James Hickens, IT Manager
  • Mrs Leokadia Hodgson, MAAT, Finance Assistant
  • Mr Mike Hood, Interim Head Groundsman
  • Mrs Natalie Hunt, B.A. (Hons), Head of Marketing (& LGS Admissions)
  • Mrs Barbara James, B.A. (Hons), Admin/Reprographics
  • Miss Charmaine Lister, PA to Headmaster and Business Director
  • Mrs Lesley Midgley, BSc. (Hons), DipLib MCLIP, Librarian
  • Mr Philip Millward, M.A. (Oxon: Christ Church), Chaplain
  • Mrs Ann-Marie Neal, Receptionist & Administrator
  • Mrs Khadishta Noray, Financial Controller
  • Mrs Kay Obhi, Laboratory Technician
  • Mrs Neha Pankhania, B.A. (Hons), Hirings Coordinator & Administrator
  • Mrs Manisha Parmar, Finance Assistant
  • Mrs Erica Parsons, B.A. (Hons), HR Administrator
  • Mrs Julia Parsons, Dip HE in Nursing (Adult and Child), School Nurse
  • Mrs Raksha Patel, School Counsellor
  • Mrs Jane Rogers, BSc. (Hons), Laboratory Technician
  • Mr Paul Ryan, Head of Site Services
  • Mr Bhavesh Sedani, IT Technician
  • Ms Sue Shepherd, Administration Manager
  • Mr Ed Stagg, BSc. (Hons) Music and Drama Technician
  • Mr Jack Tarleton-Lord ​​​​​​, Apprentice Groundsman
  • Mrs Mhairi Thornton, Marketing & Admissions Assistant
  • Mr William Uff, Business Administration Apprentice
  • Mr Clive Ward, Site Services Assistant
  • Mr Will Webb, Groundsman
  • Mr Gillson Wehemba, IT Technician
  • Mrs Suzanne Woollerson, Receptionist
  • Mr Steve Young, B.Sc., Art Technician