Meet our People

Senior Leadership

Headmaster of Leicester Grammar School and Principal of the Leicester Grammar School Trust

J.W. Watson, M.A. (Oxon: Hertford) Classics and Modern Languages

Director of Finance and Operations

S.J. Jeffries, LLB (Leeds) Law F.C.A.

Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Mrs. A.M. Ewington, M.A. (Nottingham) Biology

Deputy Head (Academic)

M.J. Anderson, M.A. (Cantab: Pembroke) Physics

Assistant Head (Director of Studies)

C.S. James, M. A. (Cantab: Girton) Mathematics

Assistant Head (Community)

Mrs. C.L. Jess, M.A. (Cantab: Gonville & Caius) French & Spanish

 Academic Staff

  • Miss. R.E. Adams, B.A. (Italia Conti Academy), Drama
  • Dr. S.W. Ainge, B.Sc., Ph.D (Newcastle), C.Chem, F.R.S.C., ARSM (Organ), Head of Chemistry; Head of Science; School Organist
  • Miss. E.S. Allcoat, B.Sc. (Bristol), Physics; Senior House Co-ordinator; Head of House - Masters; Charities Co-ordinator
  • T.P. Allen, B.A. (Kent), Head of Sixth Form; History
  • J.M. Barker, B.Mus. MMus (Royal College of Music)  PGCE MTeach (UCL IOE), Director of Music
  • Mrs. C.L. Barnes, B.A. (De Montfort), M.A. (Birmingham), English
  • Mrs. E.J. Brookes, B.A. (Sheffield), M.A. (London), Religious Studies
  • Miss. R.S. Burfoot, B.Sc. (Birmingham), Mathematics
  • W.D. Burns, B.Sc. (Edinburgh Napier), Design, Engineering & Technology
  • Mrs. A.J. Button, B.A. (Loughborough), Physical Education
  • Mrs. L.C. Cade-Stewart, B.A. (Oxon: Wadham), Classics
  • Mrs. C. Calland, B.A. (De Montfort), Physical Education
  • Miss. K.A. Campbell, B.A. (Nottingham Trent), Head of Design, Engineering & Technology
  • R.T. Campbell, M.A. (Edgehill), Head of Geography
  • Mrs. C.E. Charles, BTh. (Cantab: Selwyn), SpLD ATS (BDA), Learning Support
  • Miss. M.J. Clapham, BA.(Hons), M.B.A.Ed, PGC:SpLD (Leicester), PGC:SENCO (Northampton), SpLD APC and TPC (Patoss), Head of Learning Support
  • Mrs. P. Clare, B. Sc, A.R.C.S. (Imperial College), M.Sc. (Leicester), Biology
  • Miss. J.A. Copley, B.A. (Leeds), Head of History
  • P. Cox, B.Sc. (Wales: University College of Wales, Bangor), Biology; Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Miss. L. Crampton, M.Eng. (Hull), Design, Engineering & Technology; ICT; Staff Development Co-ordinator
  • Dr. D.M. Crawford, M.A., D.Phil (Oxon: Jesus), M.Ed. (Bristol), M.A. Ed. (O.U.) M.Sc. (O.U.), Head of Mathematics
  • Mrs. A.J. Davies, M.A. (De Montfort), Art & Textiles
  • G.D. Davies, MEd., B.Sc. (De Montfort), Head of PE and Games
  • Mrs. A.M. Dewe, B.A. (Warwick), French
  • Mrs. K.R. Douglas, B.A. (Liverpool), Italian; EAL
  • M.D. Eastmond, B.A. (Oxon: Christ Church), Mathematics
  • H.A. Ellis, B.Sc. (Loughborough), Physical Education
  • K. Esmail, B.A. (Portsmouth), Economics; History; Head of PSD
  • Dr. S.L. Ewers, B.Sc., Ph.D. (Bristol), Biology
  • Dr. C.H. Fearon, B.Sc. (Liverpool), Ph.D. (Birmingham), Biology
  • Mrs. H.T. Feasey, B.A. (Cape Town), Geography
  • Miss. C.L. Feeney, B.A. (Dunelm), Physical Education; Head of House - Vice Chancellors
  • Ms. J.A.M. Ford, B.A. (Newcastle), Head of Religious Studies
  • Dr. K.L. Fulton, B.Sc. (Dunelm), PhD. (Nottingham), Head of Biology
  • C.I.J. Gilham, B.A. (London), Classics
  • Miss. E. Graff-Baker, M.A. (Oxon: Queen's), Music
  • Dr. J.M. Griffin, M. A. (Cantab: Fitzwilliam), PhD (OU), Head of English; Theatre Studies
  • N. Grimadell, B.Sc. (Derby), Head of Year 8; Design, Engineering & Technology
  • Miss. D.R. Hadfield, B.A. (Exeter), English
  • Mrs. A.L. Harris, B.A. (Essex), M.A. (Loughborough), Head of Drama
  • Miss S.A. Harris, B.Sc. (Nottingham), Chemistry
  • Ms. S. Haywood, B.Ed. (Worcester College) B.A. (O.U.), History of Art
  • Mrs. M. Higginson, B.Ed, M.A (Toronto), English; Editor of Leicestrian
  • Mrs. V. Hird, B.A. (Leicester), History
  • Miss. L. Howd, B.Sc. (East Anglia), Mathematics
  • C.W. Howe, B.Ed (C.N.A.A. Crewe & Alsager College), Director of Sport
  • Miss. N. Hughes, B.A. (London), English; Head of Initial Teacher Training
  • J.T. Hunt, B.A. (Reading), English
  • Mrs. J. Hutchinson, B.Ed. (Durham), M.A.Ed (O.U), Physical Education; i/c Academic P.E; Mathematics
  • G. Inchley, B.Sc. (Hull), M.Sc. (Bristol), Deputy Head of Mathematics
  • R.A. Jacobs, B.Sc. (Leeds), B.A. (Open University), Mathematics
  • Mrs. F.M. Johnston, B.Sc. (Thames Polytechnic), Physics
  • Dr. A.J. Kendall, M.A., D.Phil (Oxon: Wadham and Linacre), Chemistry
  • Mrs. R.E. Kendall, B.A. (Dunelm), M.A. (Goldsmiths), Deputy Head of English
  • A.T. King, M.Chem (Loughborough), Chemistry; Assistant Timetabler
  • Miss. J.L. Knight, B.A. (De Montfort), Art & Textiles
  • Mrs. N.L. Laybourne, B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. (Loughborough), Head of Year 9; Physical Education
  • Mrs. S. Lopez-Correia, M.A. (Université de Picardie Jules Verne), Head of Modern Languages
  • R.L. Longson, B.A. (Wales: The University College of Wales, Aberystwyth), Dip.C.G. (L.G.M.B, Swanley), M.C.D.I., Head of Career Development
  • P.J. Lowe, B.A. (Southampton), Geography
  • Miss. K.L. Macleod, B.Sc. (University College London), Physics; EPQ Co-ordinator
  • Dr. D.W. Maddock, B.A. (Bristol Polytechnic), M.A. (Leeds Polytechnic), Head of Art
  • Sra. I. Manktelow, B.Sc. (Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico), Spanish
  • D. McCann, B.Ed (Leicester), Physical Education
  • Mrs. A.D. McHugh, M.A. (Anglia Ruskin), History
  • R.J. McLean, B.A. (Oxon: Lady Margaret Hall), Head of Classics
  • Mrs. M.A. McNally, B.A. (Westminster), Geography
  • Mrs. A.E. McPherson, B.A. (Oxon: St Anne's), Deputy Director of Music; Able, Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator
  • P. Moore-Friis, B.A. (De Montfort) PGDIP (Oxford), CIM DIP, Head of Economics, Young Enterprise Co-ordinator
  • Miss. J. Mould, B.Ed (Bedford College of HE), Head of Preparatory Department; Trips Coordinator
  • N. Murray, B.Sc. (Imperial), M.A. (London), M.Sc. (Sheffield Hallam), Mathematics
  • Mrs. E.J. Nelson, B.A. (Northumbria), Deputy Head of Modern Foreign Languages
  • Mrs. E. Nisbet, B.Ed (Trent Polytechnic), Food Technology
  • Mrs. F. Paton, DEUG and Licence (Bordeaux), French
  • Miss. A.M. Patterson, B.Sc. (Sunderland Polytechnic), Chemistry; Head of House - Duke's; Community Service Co-ordinator
  • Miss. L.M. Percy, B.A. (Derby), Physical Education
  • D. Pilbeam, M.Chem (Nottingham), Chemistry; Examinations Officer
  • Mrs. R.N. Pole, B.Sc. (Sheffield Hallam), Food Technology
  • Mrs. K.G. Pollard, B.Sc. (Loughborough), Mathematics
  • L. Potter,  Head of Year 7; Physical Education
  • P.M. Pratt, M.A. (Harvard), Classics
  • S.J.R. Radford, B.Sc. (Sheffield), Mathematics; Head of House - Judges
  • Miss. A. Raebel, M.A. (Leipzig), French and German
  • P.T.G. Reeves, B.Sc. (Manchester), Head of Physics;
  • Mrs. M. Sian, B.A. (Middlesex), Head of Computing
  • Mrs. M. Siegfried-Brookes, M.Sc. (Zurich), German Assistant
  • C.I. Silvester, B.A. (Plymouth), Art
  • J.S.T. Stubbs, B.Sc. (Hartpury), Physical Education
  • M.K. Stubbs, B.Ed. (Sheffield Hallam), Physical Education
  • T.A. Thacker, B.Ed.(C.N.A.A: Crewe & Alsager College), Head of Year 11; Physical Education
  • Mrs. J. Tompkins, B.A. (Leicester), M.A. (Heythrop: London), Head of Year 10; Religious Studies
  • Dr. A. Vassilliou-Abson, B.A. (Athens), M.Phil, PhD (Birmingham), Classics; Critical Thinking
  • Mrs. Z. Village, B.Sc. (Leicester), Assistant Head of Sixth Form; Mathematics; Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • D.R. Willis, B.Sc. (C.N.A.A: Portsmouth Polytechnic), Science
  • D.J. Whitton, B.A. (Leicester Polytechnic), Religious Studies
  • Dr. S. Yeomans, M.A, PhD (Loughborough) Politics, Head of Politics; School Council Link Teacher

Support Staff

  • G. Barks, Security Officer
  • M. Barnett, Facilities Apprentice
  • L. Berry, Groundsman
  • Ms. J. Bessell, Receptionist
  • Mrs. M. Bloomfield, Music Department Administrator
  • Mrs. S. Brooks, Finance Assistant
  • J. Burfoot, Site Services Operative
  • Mrs. S. Cole, Laboratory Technician
  • Mrs. N. Cresswell, B.A. (Hons), Pool and Sports Centre Manager
  • Mrs. A. Dhesi, Food Technology Technician
  • Mrs. B. Dickens, Deputy Head of Site Services
  • P. Durham, Security Officer
  • Miss. K. England, Database Manager
  • R. Gill, B.Sc. (Hons), Senior IT Technician
  • J. Harvey, DT Technician
  • J. Hickens, IT Manager
  • Mrs. L. Hodgson, MAAT, Finance Assistant
  • M. Hood, Interim Head Groundsman
  • Mrs. N.L. Hunt, B.A. (Hons), Head of Marketing (& LGS Admissions)
  • Mrs. B. James, B.A. (Hons), Admin/Reprographics
  • C.M. Kilduff , Groundsman
  • Miss. C. Lister, PA to Headmaster and Business Director
  • Mrs. L. Midgley, BSc. (Hons), DipLib MCLIP, Librarian
  • Mrs. A-M. Neal, Receptionist & Administrator
  • Mrs. K. Noray, Financial Controller
  • Mrs. K. Obhi, Laboratory Technician
  • Mrs. J. Palmer, B.Ed., Assistant Librarian
  • Mrs. N. Pankhania, B.A. (Hons), Hirings Coordinator & Administrator
  • Mrs. M. Parmar, Finance Assistant
  • Mrs. E. Parsons, B.A. (Hons), HR Administrator
  • Mrs. J. Parsons, Dip HE in Nursing (Adult and Child), School Nurse
  • Mrs. R. Patel, School Counsellor
  • Mrs. J. Rogers, BSc. (Hons), Laboratory Technician
  • P. Ryan, Head of Site Services
  • Ms. S. Shepherd, Administration Manager
  • E. Stagg, BSc. (Hons) Music and Drama Technician
  • J. Tarleton-Lord ​​​​​​, Apprentice Groundsman
  • Mrs. M. Thornton, Marketing & Admissions Assistant
  • W. Uff, Business Administration Apprentice
  • W. Webb, Groundsman
  • G. Wehemba, IT Technician
  • Revd. H.J. Whittaker, B.A., M.Ed., Chaplain
  • Mrs. S.M. Woollerson, Receptionist
  • S. Young, B.Sc., Art Technician