Our People

Senior Leadership

Headmaster of Leicester Grammar School and Principal of the Leicester Grammar School Trust

Mr John Watson, M.A. (Oxon: Hertford) Classics and Modern Languages

Director of Finance and Operations

Mr Stephen Jeffries, LLB (Leeds) Law F.C.A.

Senior Deputy Head

Mr Magnus Anderson, M.A. (Cantab: Pembroke) Physics

Deputy Head (Curriculum)

Mr Carl James, M. A. (Cantab: Girton) Mathematics

Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Miss Jennifer Young, M.A. (Exeter) History

Director of Wellbeing and Co-curriculum

Mrs Angela Ewington, M.A. (Nottingham) Biology

Head of Sixth Form

Mr James Hunt, B.A. (Reading) English

Heads of Year

  • Miss Jo Mould, B.Ed (Bedford College of HE) Head of Prep (Year 6)
  • Miss Caitlin Jeffries, B.Sc. (West of England) Head of Year 7
  • Mr Nathan Grimadell, B.Sc. (Derby) Head of Year 8
  • Mrs Nikki Laybourne, B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. (Loughborough) & Mrs Helen Martin, B.Sc. (Nottingham), M.A. (Open) Heads of Year 9 (joint)
  • Mrs Jane Tompkins, B.A. (Leicester), M.A. (Heythrop: London) Head of Year 10
  • Mrs Marie McNally, B.A. (Westminster) Head of Year 11
  • Mr James Hunt, B.A. (Reading) Head of Sixth Form
  • Mrs Zoe Village, B.Sc. (Leicester) Assistant Head of Sixth Form​​​​​​


Art and Design

  • Miss Katie-May Driver, B.A. (University of the Arts) Head of Art and Design
  • Mrs Amanda Davies, M.A. (De Montfort)
  • Miss Jennie Knight, B.A. (De Montfort)
  • Mr Richard Sekhon, B.A. (Loughborough)


  • Dr Kathryn Fulton, B.Sc. (Dunelm), PhD. (Nottingham), Head of Biology
  • Mrs Philippa Clare, B. Sc, A.R.C.S. (Imperial College), M.Sc. (Leicester)
  • Mr Peter Cox, B.Sc. (Wales: University College of Wales, Bangor) Learning Technologies Co-ordinator
  • Dr Sharon Dunham, B.Sc. (Glasgow), PhD. (Glasgow)
  • Mrs Angela Ewington, M.A. (Nottingham), Director of Wellbeing and Co-curriculum
  • Ms Gillian Hancock, B.Sc. (Nottingham)
  • Mr Paul Lawrence, B.Sc. (Leicester)

Business & Economics

  • Mr Peer Moore-Friis, B.A. (De Montfort) PGDIP (Oxford), CIM DIP, Head of Business & Economics |Young Enterprise Co-ordinator
  • Mr Khuzema Esmail, B.A. (Portsmouth), Head of Life Education


  • Mrs Clare Scott, B.A. (Hons), Careers Leader


  • Dr Simon Ainge, B.Sc., Ph.D (Newcastle), C.Chem, F.R.S.C., ARSM (Organ), Head of Chemistry| School Organist
  • Dr Adrianne Kendall, M.A., D.Phil (Oxon: Wadham and Linacre)
  • Mr Andrew King, M.Chem (Loughborough) Assistant Timetabler
  • Mrs Helen Martin, B.Sc. (Nottingham), M.A. (Open) Head of Year 9 (joint), DofE Leader
  • Dr Shalini Singh, M.Sc. (Punjabi), Ph.D (Leicester)


  • Mr Philip Pratt, M.A. (Harvard) Head of Classics
  • Ms Marysia Bancroft, B.A. (Bristol), M.A. (Bristol)
  • Dr Peter Donnelly, M.A. (Dunelm) Able, Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator
  • Mr Christopher Gilham, B.A. (London)
  • Dr Anastasia Vassilliou, B.A. (Athens), M.Phil, PhD (Birmingham)


  • Mrs Maskean Sian, B.A. (Middlesex), Head of Computing
  • Miss Nikesha Ellis, M.A (Middlesex) 

Design and Technology

  • Miss Katie Campbell, B.A. (Nottingham Trent), Head of Design and Technology
  • Mr Nathan Grimadell, B.Sc. (Derby), Head of Year 8
  • Mrs Selina Moore, B.Sc. (DeMontfort) 
  • Mr Robert Parkin, B.Eng (Nottingham Trent)


  • Ms Annette Hulme, B.A. (Essex), M.A. (Loughborough), Head of Academic Drama
  • Miss Rachel Adams, B.A. (Italia Conti Academy), Head of Performance Drama
  • Dr Julian Griffin, M. A. (Cantab: Fitzwilliam), PhD (OU), Head of English | Theatre Studies


  • Dr Julian Griffin, M. A. (Cantab: Fitzwilliam), PhD (OU), Head of English | Theatre Studies
  • Mrs Rachael Kendall, B.A. (Dunelm), M.A. (Goldsmiths), Deputy Head of English
  • Mrs Catherine Barnes, B.A. (De Montfort), M.A. (Birmingham)
  • Miss Rebecca Hadfield, B.A. (Exeter) Charity & Community Service Co-ordinator
  • Mrs Marlene Higginson, B.Ed, M.A (Toronto) Editor of Leicestrian
  • Miss Nicola Hughes, B.A. (London) Head of Initial Teacher Training
  • Mr James Hunt, B.A. (Reading) Head of Sixth Form

Food and Nutrition

  • Mrs Elaine Nisbet, B.Ed (Trent Polytechnic)
  • Mrs Selina Moore, B.Sc. (DeMontfort) 
  • Mrs Rebecca Pole, B.Sc. (Sheffield Hallam)


  • Mr Richard Campbell, M.A. (Edgehill) Head of Geography
  • Mrs Heather Feasey, B.A. (Cape Town)
  • Miss Emma Hill, B.Sc. (Reading) Head of House - Vice Chancellors
  • Mrs Marie McNally, B.A. (Westminster) Head of Year 11
  • Mrs Sophie Sharp, B.A. (Leeds), M.Sc. (East Anglia), M.A. (Anglia Ruskin) 


  • Mr Andrew Picknell, M.A. (University of London) Head of History
  • Miss Aviyah Butt, B.A. (Leicester)
  • Mrs Vicky Hird, B.A. (Leicester)
  • Mrs Amanda McHugh, M.A. (Anglia Ruskin)
  • Miss Jennifer Young, M.A. (Exeter) Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Learning Development

  • Miss Joy Clapham, BA.(Hons), M.B.A.Ed, PGC:SpLD (Leicester), PGC:SENCO (Northampton), SpLD and TPC (Patoss) Director of Learning Development

Life Education

  • Mr Khuzema Esmail, B.A. (Portsmouth) Head of Life Education


  • Dr David Crawford, M.A., D.Phil (Oxon: Jesus), M.Ed. (Bristol), M.A. Ed. (O.U.) M.Sc. (O.U.) Head of Mathematics
  • Mr Graham Inchley, B.Sc. (Hull), M.Sc. (Bristol) Deputy Head of Mathematics
  • Mr Carl James, M. A. (Cantab: Girton) Deputy Head (Curriculum)
  • Miss Ramandeep Kaur, B.Sc. (Leicester)
  • Mrs Roxanne King, B.Sc. (Birmingham) Head of House - Dukes
  • Mr Michael Moore, B.Sc. (Loughborough) DofE Leader
  • Mr Neil Murray, B.Sc. (Imperial), M.A. (London), M.Sc. (Sheffield Hallam)
  • Mrs Kerry Pollard, B.Sc. (Loughborough)
  • Mr Joey Radford, B.Sc. (Sheffield) Head of House - Judges
  • Mrs Brin Rai, B.Sc. (Birmingham)
  • Mrs Zoe Village, B.Sc. (Leicester) Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Modern Foreign Languages

  • Mrs Sylvie Lopez-Correia, M.A. (Université de Picardie Jules Verne) Head of Modern Languages
  • Mrs Emma Nelson, B.A. (Northumbria) Deputy Head of Modern Foreign Languages
  • Miss Alex Chell, M.Phil. (Trinity College, Dublin) French & German, DofE Leader
  • Mrs Amy Dewe, B.A. (Warwick) French
  • Mrs Catriona Purdon, B.A. (Sheffield) Spanish
  • Mrs Katharine Douglas, B.A. (Liverpool) French & Italian |EAL
  • Miss Charlotte Julian, B.A. (Birmingham) French & Spanish
  • Mrs Valerie Turner, DEUG and Licence (Nantes, France) French
  • Mrs. M. Siegfried-Brookes, M.Sc. (Zurich) German Assistant


  • Mr John Barker, B.Mus. MMus (Royal College of Music)  PGCE MTeach (UCL IOE), Director of Music
  • Mrs Amy McPherson, B.A. (Oxon: St Anne's), Deputy Director of Music |Able, Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator
  • Ms Elizabeth Carpenter, B.A. (Birmingham)
  • Mrs Emma Else, B Mus (Birmingham)
  • Mrs Eleanor Graff-Baker, M.A. (Oxon)

Physical Education

  • Mr James McCann, M.A. (Bath) Director of Sport
  • Mr Graeme Blackhall, B.Sc. (Edinburgh) Assistant Director of Sport, Head of Rugby
  • Mrs Fiona-Lisa Beaumont, M.Sc. (Central Lancashire) Head of Netball
  • Mr Harry Ellis, B.Sc. (Loughborough)
  • Mr Conor Geier, B.Sc. (Nottingham Trent)
  • Mr Andrew Fletcher, M.Sc. (University of Central Lancashire) Head of Cricket
  • Miss Caitlin Jeffries, B.Sc. (West of England) Head of Year 7
  • Mrs Nikki Laybourne, B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. (Loughborough) Head of Girls Cricket, Head of Year 9 (joint)
  • Miss Maisie Regan, B.Sc. 
  • Miss Amy Rothwell, M.Sc. (Loughborough) Head of Hockey, Head of House - Dukes
  • Mr Matthew Stubbs, B.Ed. (Sheffield Hallam) Head of Academic PE
  • Mr Troy Thacker, B.Ed.(C.N.A.A: Crewe & Alsager College) Middle School Mentor


  • Mr Philip Reeves, B.Sc. (Manchester), Head of Physics
  • Miss Ellen Allcoat, B.Sc. (Bristol) Senior House Co-ordinator | Head of House - Masters
  • Mr Magnus Anderson, M.A. (Cantab: Pembroke) Senior Deputy Head
  • Mrs Fiona Johnston, B.Sc. (Thames Polytechnic)
  • Miss Kate MacLeod, B.Sc. (University College London) EPQ Co-ordinator


  • Dr Sarah Yeomans, M.A, PhD (Loughborough) Head of Politics


  • Ms Kat Lovelock, B.A. (Warwick), Head of Psychology 
  • Mrs Felicity Cornish, M.A. (Cantab: Emmanuel)

Religious Studies

  • Ms Jane Ford, B.A. (Newcastle) Head of Religious Studies
  • Mrs Eva Brookes, B.A. (Sheffield), M.A. (London)
  • Mrs Jane Tompkins, B.A. (Leicester), M.A. (Heythrop: London) Head of Year 10
  • Mr Duncan Whitton, B.A. (Leicester Polytechnic)


  • Mrs Amanda Davies, M.A. (De Montfort)
  • Miss Jennie Knight, B.A. (De Montfort)

Support Staff

  • Mr Les Berry Groundsman
  • Ms Josie Bessell Receptionist
  • Mrs Susan Brooks Finance Assistant
  • Mr Jonathan Burfoot Site Services Operative
  • Mrs Sally Champion, B.A. (Hons), M.A. (Loughborough) Assistant Librarian
  • Mr Joshua Ceislak Senior Lifeguard
  • Mrs Jo Coyne Reprographics Assistant
  • Mrs Naomi Cresswell, B.A. (Hons) Pool and Sports Centre Manager
  • Mrs Mira Cupac, B.Sc. Senior Laboratory Technician
  • Mrs Anjana Dhesi Food Technology Technician
  • Mrs Rebecca Dockree Wellbeing Manager
  • Mrs Caroline Duffy Pastoral and Leadership Assistant
  • Mr Nicholas Ebbesen, B.Sc. (Newcastle) Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Miss Katie England, B.A. (Hons) Database Manager & Examinations Officer
  • Mrs Lesley-Anne Farrell Administrator
  • Mr Oliver Gilbert Groundsman
  • Mr Luke Godsmark Head of Tennis
  • Mrs Lyn Harding, B.Sc. (Hons), M.A. (Hertfordshire) HR & Compliance Manager
  • Mr David Hennessy Site Services Operative
  • Mrs Leokadia Hodgson, MAAT Finance Assistant
  • Mr Mike Hood Head Groundsman
  • Mrs Natalie Hunt, B.A. (Hons) Head of Marketing & Admissions
  • Mr Michael Jones, B.Sc. (Hons) IT Manager
  • Mrs Joanna Jordan Healthcare Assistant
  • Miss Charmaine Lister Operations Manager & PA to the Director of Finance
  • Ms Emma Martin DofE Centre Manager
  • Mrs Lesley Midgley, BSc. (Hons), DipLib MCLIP Librarian
  • Mr Philip Millward, M.A. (Oxon: Christ Church) Chaplain
  • Mrs Claire Mugridge Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Khadishta Noray Financial Controller
  • Mrs Neha Pankhania, B.A. (Hons) Hirings Coordinator & Administrator
  • Mrs Manisha Parmar Finance Assistant
  • Mrs Julia Parsons, Dip HE in Nursing (Adult and Child) Lead School Nurse
  • Mr Andrew Peers Operations Assistant
  • Mrs Loraine Penrice Hirings Coordinator
  • Mrs Kiran Rajput PA to Headmaster and Principal
  • Mrs Jane Rogers, B.Sc. (Hons) Senior Laboratory Technician
  • Mr Paul Ryan Head of Site Services
  • Mrs Helen Shepherd Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Ms Sue Shepherd Administration Manager
  • Mrs Claire Smith EHCP Teaching Assistant
  • Mr Samuel Spencer IT Apprentice
  • Mr Ed Stagg, BSc. (Hons) AV Manager
  • Mr David Stone Senior IT Technician
  • Mr Russell Storer DT Technician
  • Miss Charley-Ila Sturgess Sports Centre Team Leader
  • Mr Jack Tarleton-Lord​​ Groundsman
  • Mrs Mhairi Thornton Marketing & Admissions Assistant
  • Mr Ben Turner Chemistry Lab Technician
  • Mr William Uff, Administrative Assistant (Data and Exams)
  • Mr Will Webb Groundsman
  • Mrs Suzanne Woollerson Receptionist
  • Mrs Jen Wright Music Department Administrator
  • Mr Steve Young, B.Sc. Art Technician