Every pupil and staff member is assigned to a House: DukesJudgesMasters or Vice Chancellors (VCs). You can contribute to your House in a variety of ways, with a broad range of opportunities for healthy competition and the development of a team spirit.

House Meetings take place on Fridays and are used for advertising upcoming events, reviewing past competitions and holding events such as the highly competitive Spelling Bee. Each year, the Houses support a charity chosen by the pupils. Each House works to raise money throughout the year by organising and hosting different events.

Each House has a staff member as a Head of House who enthusiastically encourages pupils to contribute to the House. They aim to create a sense of belonging, as well as hoping to inspire sportsmanship and collective responsibility. Pupils, particularly seniors, can volunteer to take on responsibilities such as contributing to House meetings, fundraising for the chosen House charity and organising the Inter House competitions.

Currently there are varied competitions ranging from Singing to Rugby, Athletics to General Knowledge. Each year we alternate between running House Music and House Drama, a big event in October that parents can come to watch in the evening.

Every competition is worth points that add up throughout the year, with running totals displayed on the House noticeboard. The final scores decide the winner of the Midland Bank Cup which is awarded at Celebration of Achievement at the end of the year.