School Uniform

Prep to Year 11

All items of school uniform, PE and games kit should be purchased from the official stockists of school uniform and PE kit, Schoolblazer, please see www.schoolblazer.com - A handy 'How to Shop' guide can be found  here.

Please note: all articles brought to school must be clearly marked with the pupil’s name, with name tapes sewn on to garments. Pupils must arrive at School and depart from School in uniform unless special permission has been given. 

Uniform 1

Uniform 2

Navy blazer with badge (two styles offered to choose from)

Knee-length tartan skirt or charcoal grey trousers (style 1)

Charcoal grey trousers (style 2)

Fitted blouse with revers (short or long sleeved)

Collared white shirt (short or long sleeved) with school tie with logo

V-neck navy blue jumper in house colours

Opaque plain black tights (no rips, holes or ladders) or plain black ankle socks

Black socks

Black, low heeled polishable shoes. (No thick soles, stiletto heels, suede or boots)

One pair of stud earrings & a watch

No piercings. A watch may be worn.

Hair should be natural in colour, neat and not ostentatious in style, consistent in length but not shorter than a no.3. Accessories should be black.

Face should be clean shaven unless dispensation is granted for religious reasons.

Make-up (including clear nail varnish) may be worn in Years 10 and 11 but should not be noticeable.

Food Technology (protective clothing) – PVC or plain white apron (protective clothing)

Science (protective clothing) – white laboratory coat

Art & Design – overall or old adult-size shirt