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  • Published on 24/06/22 by Natalie Hunt

    Mind, body and spirit

    I have recently finished adding a few words to our Year 13 leavers’ letters, and I am amazed by the range and depth of talent that they have exhibited during their time at LGS and as they have flourished in the Sixth Form. Such talent and creativity were very evident in the Art and Design T...
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  • Published on 17/06/22 by Natalie Hunt

    All of us learners

    I am very grateful to the staff for undertaking some training alongside internal examinations, marking and report-writing and during a short term which is packed with some of the things which have been more restricted in recent times. One of the benefits of the pandemic was that more training bec...
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  • Published on 10/06/22 by Natalie Hunt

    History in the making

    I hope you were able to enjoy some of the fabulous Jubilee celebrations last weekend, whether monarchist or republican! We were treated to a very colourful historical perspective in Sunday’s Pageant, with a remarkable and extraordinary journey through the seven decades of the Queen’s...
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  • Published on 27/05/22 by Natalie Hunt

    Learning independence in an interdependent world

    One of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is the ability to live happy and independent lives. When they leave school at 18, they will then be prepared to take responsibility for their own choices and to forge successful futures – and we can only hope that their choices will be mora...
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  • Published on 20/05/22 by Natalie Hunt

    Breadth and depth

    Wednesday was ‘National Numeracy Day’, and you may have read about an economist’s suggestion that the subject ‘maths’ should be called ‘numeracy’, to make it less “academic and scary”. Methinks the article was not entirely fair, as he was talking...
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  • Published on 13/05/22 by Natalie Hunt

    Changing of the Guard

    I have been typically and happily very busy this week with a variety of headmagisterial tasks, and two of my highlights have been discussions or interviews with our most senior pupils. We have reached the point in the year when our current prefects in Year 13 hand over to a new group of pupil lea...
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  • Published on 06/05/22 by Natalie Hunt

    Outside the box

    I was privileged on Wednesday evening to attend the county finals of the Young Enterprise competition, held at De Montfort University. Our team of five Year 12, representing their company ‘Telios’ of 32 students, had to provide a written brief, were interviewed by judges at their trad...
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  • Published on 29/04/22 by Natalie Hunt

    Brave and magnificent

    I hope that you and family were able to enjoy ample rest and sunshine over the Easter break. Pupils and staff have certainly returned very positively to school, eager to embrace all that the Trinity Term has to offer. I really love this time of year, as the world wakes up to spring and the signs of...
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  • Published on 25/03/22 by Natalie Hunt

    Workplace success

    I was saying on Wednesday to some pupils that I had no idea what the world would look like today when I was their age. That doesn’t mean I’m ancient (even if I may appear so in their eyes!); it’s simply a reflection of the pace of change in my lifetime so far, with technology very...
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  • Published on 18/03/22 by Natalie Hunt

    Pillars of our community

    Our support staff are every bit as committed to the aims and values of our school as our teachers. Simply put, each one of them plays a vital role in wanting to give our pupils the best possible start in life. Some work alongside pupils in a pastoral capacity or as technicians, devoted to their care...
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  • Published on 11/03/22 by Natalie Hunt

    Lifelong learning

    We have been pleased to hold some of our parents’ evenings in person this term as, despite the convenience of online evenings, parents have commented on the quality of face-to-face conversations. We therefore intend to continue with a mixture, inviting you in at key junctures of your child...
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  • Published on 04/03/22 by Natalie Hunt

    Escape online?

    Having surprisingly eluded the clutches of Covid for almost two years, I am this week sequestered at home, though thankful for the technology which has mostly enabled me to continue with meetings and lessons.
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