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  • Published on 15/10/21 by Natalie Hunt

    LGS Tomorrow

    Today is Foundation Day, when we have the opportunity to celebrate everything LGS stands for in 2021, to give thanks for those who had the inspiration to found our school forty years ago in 1981, and to share with others who have been part of its remarkable journey. We are privileged to welcome t...
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  • Published on 08/10/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Trust is the glue of life

    “Trust is the glue of life.” (Stephen Covey) Trust lies at the heart of all our relationships, between individuals in both family and school, and between home and school as we share the values which underpin our children’s upbringing and education. As with respect, trust...
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  • Published on 01/10/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Building Back Better

    I spent some time with other heads at our annual conference earlier this week, and it was refreshing to listen to inspiring speakers, to exchange good ideas and practice and to consider how we can positively influence the national educational agenda, working with our maintained school colleagues and...
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  • Published on 24/09/21 by Natalie Hunt

    The Big Ask

    You may have read earlier this week about the findings from the largest ever survey of children and young people anywhere in the world: The Big Ask. Over half a million 4-17 year-olds in England, including many from LGS, responded in the spring to a series of questions about all aspects of their liv...
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  • Published on 17/09/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Confident but not arrogant

    I imagine you were as struck as I was by the down-to-earth charm of 18-year-old Emma Raducanu last week. She was as incredulous as the rest of us over her spectacular and unprecedented rise to fame in the US Open, and equally remarkable was her natural poise in front of the camera. She comes across...
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  • Published on 10/09/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Education for Life

    The Leicester Grammar School Trust seeks to be an inspiring centre for co-educational excellence in academic and personal development, within a Christian ethos. In order to fulfil this mission, the school aims to:  Promote intellectual curiosity and academic excellence.  Provid...
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  • Published on 03/09/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Being the best we can be - together

    We have been delighted to see so many happy faces over the last two days, as pupils new and old begin the Advent Term. We met as a school community for the first time in eighteen months for assembly in St Nicholas’ yesterday, and it was a special moment. We enjoyed some inspirational highli...
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  • Published on 25/06/21 by Natalie Hunt

    A bright and inclusive future

    Wednesday was our first LGS ‘Heritage Day - What’s Your Story?’. We celebrated the diversity of our school community; aimed for better mutual understanding as we learned from each other’s stories; and pledged to stamp out racism in our school and to strive for inclusion and e...
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  • Published on 18/06/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Subjective options

    The majority of our pupils have this week been receiving feedback from end-of-year examinations, and I hope they have treated this as a positive learning experience at the culmination of an extraordinary and challenging year. Regardless of whether they are continuing with all their subjects next yea...
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  • Published on 28/05/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Resilience and empathy

    We have just finished our assessment series for Years 11 and 13, and our pupils can now breathe a huge sigh of relief as we begin the grading process. They have prepared well and we have been impressed by their dedication and focus as they have sought to give the best account of themselves at the cu...
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  • Published on 21/05/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Human and resourceful

    I have always had mixed feelings about the term ‘human resources’. On the one hand, it recognises the importance of humans in an organisation, yet on the other, it aligns those humans with other more tangible and non-sentient resources at that organisation’s disposal.
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  • Published on 14/05/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Faith and Hope

    We have needed large doses of faith and hope over the last fourteen months – and we seem at last to be reaping the rewards of our patience. You may already be aware, but, as a classicist, I shall point out that ‘patience’ comes from the Latin verb ‘pati’, to suffer...
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