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  • Published on 25/06/21 by Natalie Hunt

    A bright and inclusive future

    Wednesday was our first LGS ‘Heritage Day - What’s Your Story?’. We celebrated the diversity of our school community; aimed for better mutual understanding as we learned from each other’s stories; and pledged to stamp out racism in our school and to strive for inclusion and e...
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  • Published on 18/06/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Subjective options

    The majority of our pupils have this week been receiving feedback from end-of-year examinations, and I hope they have treated this as a positive learning experience at the culmination of an extraordinary and challenging year. Regardless of whether they are continuing with all their subjects next yea...
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  • Published on 28/05/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Resilience and empathy

    We have just finished our assessment series for Years 11 and 13, and our pupils can now breathe a huge sigh of relief as we begin the grading process. They have prepared well and we have been impressed by their dedication and focus as they have sought to give the best account of themselves at the cu...
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  • Published on 21/05/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Human and resourceful

    I have always had mixed feelings about the term ‘human resources’. On the one hand, it recognises the importance of humans in an organisation, yet on the other, it aligns those humans with other more tangible and non-sentient resources at that organisation’s disposal.
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  • Published on 14/05/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Faith and Hope

    We have needed large doses of faith and hope over the last fourteen months – and we seem at last to be reaping the rewards of our patience. You may already be aware, but, as a classicist, I shall point out that ‘patience’ comes from the Latin verb ‘pati’, to suffer...
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  • Published on 07/05/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Far better respect

    I have just read about a recent piece of research conducted amongst 13,000 teenagers in England, the Netherlands and Sweden, regarding the relationship between a child’s popularity and their age-position in their class.
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  • Published on 30/04/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Read in order to live

    One of my (many!) weaknesses is that I am a very pernickety linguist, finding it hard to resist interfering when I spot linguistic imperfections or when exacting standards of detail are not met! Viewed differently and charitably, I hope that others perceive this as reflecting high expectations of li...
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  • Published on 23/04/21 by Natalie Hunt

    The opportunity to play

    The very happy news of Leicester City’s qualification for the FA Cup Final was unfortunately overshadowed earlier this week by the shock announcement of a European Super League. The opposition to such an extraordinary proposal was unequivocal and the fans very soon got their way. The owner...
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  • Published on 16/04/21 by Natalie Hunt

    In the service of others

    We began the new term this morning in glorious – if chilly – sunshine. I hope that you were able to meet with family over the Easter break (maybe wrapped in blankets in the garden!) and that some of you enjoyed celebrating Vaisakhi earlier this week. We think too of our Muslim community...
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  • Published on 12/03/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Mind, body and soul

    It has been so good to have all our pupils back in school again, and for the corridors to resound with their happy chatter. We have been impressed by their ready willingness to comply with additional measures to keep both our own and the wider community safe, and we are desperately keen to keep them...
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  • Published on 05/03/21 by Natalie Hunt

    A team effort

    I remember a wise colleague telling me when I first became a head that the most important thing I would do would be appointing new staff. This time of year is always very busy for recruitment as we consider timetable needs and seek to replace the valued members of our team who are leaving...
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  • Published on 26/02/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Doors of opportunity

    We seem to be heading in the right direction! Let’s really hope that those words “cautious” and “irreversible” will be the theme of the next few weeks as different aspects of society gradually re-open. We’re truly delighted that children’s education has b...
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