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  • Published on 08/12/23 by Natalie Hunt

    Healthy habits for life

    This week (indoors!), our U16 girls’ netball team celebrated a significant victory (40-21) against a strong all-girls' school in Birmingham - in fact, the only Midlands school to achieve more highly than us at A-level this year! This is all the more special given that this term is our hock...
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  • Published on 01/12/23 by Natalie Hunt

    Cause for celebration

    I am delighted to share this news with you, ahead of the publication of the Sunday Times ‘Parent Power’ supplement this weekend. Credit for these accolades is owed to all members of our school community: pupils, teaching and support staff, trustees and you, our parents, who entrus...
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  • Published on 24/11/23 by Natalie Hunt


    I hope you’ve enjoyed the recent glorious sunrises as much as I have and that you’re looking forward to a Saturday which promises to be bright and crisp. I will certainly get outdoors to watch school rugby in the morning and then for a walk in the country in the afternoon. I am sure that...
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  • Published on 17/11/23 by Natalie Hunt

    The Power of Words

    Public figures and celebrities do not unfortunately always set the best example through what they say or write, seemingly giving inadequate thought to the consequences. I will not comment on the political scene, apart from bemoaning the apparent global lack of principled, inspiring and sensitive rol...
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  • Published on 10/11/23 by Natalie Hunt

    Enjoying a dynamic learning community

    I meet with lots of pupils at this time of year, and they never cease to amaze and amuse me! I have just started my round of Prep and Year 7 visits, so that I can begin to get to know our younger pupils as they embark on their LGS journey. It is also their opportunity to ask me any questions they...
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  • Published on 03/11/23 by Natalie Hunt

    Reactions and responses in troubled times

    I spoke to pupils in Monday’s assembly about the horrific events in the Middle East, and we prayed for all those who are suffering in this awful conflict. I am far from being an expert on the complex history of the area, but I sought to illustrate – through maps – some of the ba...
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  • Published on 13/10/23 by Katie Wood

    Team LGS

    I can’t help thinking of lockdown whenever anyone mentions Teams! It was such a bonus during that period – and we are, of course, still using it – but I believe that the best and most rewarding teamwork and team building occur in-person.
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  • Published on 06/10/23 by Natalie Hunt

    Journeying with ready hope

    I have been away for three days this week at my annual HMC Heads’ conference, this year in Stratford-upon-Avon. It is always useful training for me, and it also enables me to reflect with others and to consider priorities and developments both in education at large and in our Trust of schools...
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  • Published on 29/09/23 by Natalie Hunt

    Thanks for the memories

    I have just got home from a very positive Year 12 ‘Meet the Tutor’ evening, and it has been a delight to hear how both ‘old’ LGS and our 25 newcomers are settling to life in the Sixth Form. They are enjoying being taught in smaller groups, treated increasingly like young adul...
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  • Published on 22/09/23 by Natalie Hunt


    I am always delighted to see pupils taking the initiative, respectfully voicing their opinions and sharing their beliefs, and joining groups which enrich the lives of others, both in school and in the wider community. Miss Young (Deputy Head Pastoral) will shortly be launching this year’s s...
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  • Published on 15/09/23 by Natalie Hunt

    In praise of creativity

    It has been great to see school in full swing again, with lots of smiling faces and a buzz of purposeful activity. If you have a child who is new to the school, I hope they are already beginning to feel a part of our vibrant community. I have just returned home from our A-level and GCSE Art and D...
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  • Published on 30/06/23 by Natalie Hunt

    Broadening horizons

    If you have been following our Twitter feed, you will know that pupils from all age-groups have been enjoying a variety of exciting educational experiences during Activities Week: Prep, having already benefited from lots of trips this year, have followed a varied programme in school, culminating...
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