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  • Published on 22/05/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Carry on Carrying On

    It is somewhat ironic that on Wednesday, national ‘Thank a Teacher Day’, our profession found itself at the heart of a bitter row between some of the unions and Government over the wider opening of schools. There are understandable and genuine anxieties over this, but some of the rhetori...
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  • Published on 15/05/20 by Natalie Hunt


    One of the values I mentioned last week, as chosen by pupils and staff, was ‘trust’, variously qualified by ‘honesty, integrity, responsibility and self-discipline'.
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  • Published on 07/05/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Purpose and values

    You may recall my bulletin at the end of the first week of March, when I alluded to a very positive planning day I had spent with trustees and senior leaders. That was, of course, just before the world changed, and some of that planning will now need to be revisited!
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  • Published on 01/05/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Taking control

    I am sure you would agree that there is a lot in life which seems strange currently. I was in school for my stint on Monday and, despite the presence of key-workers' children and a few other staff, it was eerily quiet - and certainly lacking the ‘buzz’ to which we are accustomed at L...
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  • Published on 24/04/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Liberating mind and soul

    I really hope that the new term has begun well for your child(ren), and that they are benefiting from the planning, training and preparation undertaken by staff over the Easter holiday. You will continue to see improvements as staff and pupils become increasingly confident with remote teaching, lear...
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  • Published on 13/03/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Spring is in the air

    One of the joys of my job is its sheer variety, but I doubt many of us have lived through such unpredictable times as today. So much seems to have changed in the last three weeks and up-to-date news and advice have been a major preoccupation - and hardly a jolly one at that.
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  • Published on 06/03/20 by Natalie Hunt

    A bright future

    I have been grateful to hear the views of pupils, staff and parents about our school since my arrival, and I am determined, with the support of my colleagues, to aspire to the best possible education for your child(ren)
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  • Published on 28/02/20 by Natalie Hunt

    A* for Character

    One of my greatest joys and privileges as a head is to see my pupils (and indeed my staff) doing remarkable things - whether in their academic pursuits, their music, their sport, their drama or their service to the community (both in school and in the wider world). I am fortunate to be surrounded by...
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  • Published on 14/02/20 by Natalie Hunt


    As teachers, we’re generally pretty good at talking, and we can feel somewhat useless when we lose our voice; it's such an important tool of our trade! However, the best lessons are often those where the pupils talk more than the teacher, for it can reflect their active engagement in their...
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  • Published on 07/02/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Healthy mind in healthy body

    We all know that the mobile phone has become an indispensable accessory for most of us, and one which can exercise significant and invasive control over our lives, unless we limit our own and our children’s use.
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  • Published on 24/01/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Walking the talk

    If you have read our inspection report, you will have seen that it celebrates our “richly diverse community” and we strongly believe that such diversity of ethnic, faith and social background enriches the lives of all of us. Yet, at the same time, we recognise that our pupils enjoy a pri...
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  • Published on 17/01/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Fired up to teach....even when it's dark and wet

    They have changed with such frequency of late that it’s been hard to remember the names of the various secretaries of state! No sooner has a minister gained some expertise and experience in a certain department that he or she moves on to a new portfolio or the backbenches. Education has been o...
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