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  • Published on 12/03/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Mind, body and soul

    It has been so good to have all our pupils back in school again, and for the corridors to resound with their happy chatter. We have been impressed by their ready willingness to comply with additional measures to keep both our own and the wider community safe, and we are desperately keen to keep them...
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  • Published on 05/03/21 by Natalie Hunt

    A team effort

    I remember a wise colleague telling me when I first became a head that the most important thing I would do would be appointing new staff. This time of year is always very busy for recruitment as we consider timetable needs and seek to replace the valued members of our team who are leaving...
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  • Published on 26/02/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Doors of opportunity

    We seem to be heading in the right direction! Let’s really hope that those words “cautious” and “irreversible” will be the theme of the next few weeks as different aspects of society gradually re-open. We’re truly delighted that children’s education has b...
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  • Published on 12/02/21 by Natalie Hunt

    A good cuppa

    “I feel I have done nothing, when I am doing everything.” So said a nurse earlier this week as she expressed her guilt over her inability to save lives, despite giving all in her power to do so.
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  • Published on 05/02/21 by Natalie Hunt


    I have Mr Grimadell, Head of Year 7, to thank for my inspiration this week! (And, I have to admit, there are Thursday evenings when my own muse is not as prolific as others!)
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  • Published on 29/01/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Suffering and compassion

    However hard we try to remain positive and full of hope, we cannot pretend that life is a bundle of laughs currently. Whereas many of us knew few people who had tested positive last spring, the situation has changed enormously and most of us will now know either someone who has sadly died or who has...
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  • Published on 22/01/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Everyone a leader

    Leadership currently is more important than ever, and we shall no doubt have our own views about the effectiveness of political leadership in such hugely complex times. I am sure we have also all been fascinated, as well as alarmed, by what we have witnessed in the United States over the last fortni...
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  • Published on 15/01/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Start where you are

    We are really pleased to ‘see’ pupils back in lessons and have been impressed in the first week by their levels of engagement. The ability now afforded to us by the Teams update to see whole classes on screen and to send pupils into break-out rooms to collaborate makes a substantial diff...
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  • Published on 11/12/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Coffee culture

    “The only thing we have is one another. The only competitive advantage we have is the culture and values of the company. Anyone can open up a coffee store. We have no technology, we have no patent. All we have is the relationship around the values of the company and what we bring to the cust...
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  • Published on 04/12/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Work hard, be kind, be inspired

    You may have heard of the Michaela Community School, a controversial free school opened in 2014 in a converted office block near Wembley stadium. Its founder, Katharine Birbalsingh, believes that military-style discipline and pupils that are ‘drilled to thrill’ are key to education, and...
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  • Published on 27/11/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Let's talk!

    Many of our Year 13 students have recently benefited from practice for forthcoming interviews: Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) for medicine, with a range of medical professionals; and Oxbridge interviews, via an exchange process with other independent schools. These have all occurred remotely but ha...
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  • Published on 20/11/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Adjusting the viewfinder

    You will no doubt be aware that there is considerable discussion of next summer’s public exams currently. There is pressure on the Government from certain quarters to follow Wales, or at least Scotland, in cancelling GCSEs or A levels or both - especially as children’s education continue...
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