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  • Published on 17/05/24 by Natalie Hunt

    Make a life by what you give

    Our Year 13 pupils departed on Wednesday for study leave, with our very best wishes for a successful examination series before they return for Sports Day and Leavers’ Service in July.
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  • Published on 10/05/24 by Natalie Hunt

    We are Leicester Grammar School

    I am very pleased to inform you that we have been shortlisted alongside seven other schools nationally for the TES (Times Educational Supplement) Independent Senior School of the Year award.
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  • Published on 03/05/24 by Natalie Hunt

    Live like a rhino!

    It’s always a joy to celebrate the numerous achievements and endeavours of our young people as they together make the most of their opportunities in diverse aspects of school life. In Tuesday's assembly, I will highlight successes in sport, music, Young Enterprise, charity, Chemistry Olymp...
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  • Published on 26/04/24 by Natalie Hunt

    It's fine to be you - but make the most of it!

    I was intrigued to read this headline from the Metro earlier this week: ‘Your surname could be ruining your career, study finds’.  The article (https://metro.co.uk/2024/04/22/name-determine-well-school-study-finds-20693104) cites recent research from the University of Michigan wh...
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  • Published on 19/04/24 by Natalie Hunt

    Keeping up with reality

    Thank you to those who braved the very changeable weather to attend our AI Information Evening on Tuesday, and thank you too to my colleagues who presented. I know that all parents have received the slides (see PDF below).
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  • Published on 15/03/24 by Natalie Hunt

    A genuine fake?

    I imagine that many of us were somewhat intrigued by the withdrawal by photo agencies of the Mother’s Day picture of the Princess of Wales and her children because of likely manipulation. She later apologised over any confusion caused, saying she herself had edited aspects.
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  • Published on 08/03/24 by Natalie Hunt


    We all thrive on inspiration. Our pupils want to be inspired by their teachers, although all of us realise that won’t happen 100% of the time! And teachers in turn need to seek their own inspiration in the subjects they love in order to inspire their ‘disciples’ (the Latin ‘d...
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  • Published on 01/03/24 by Natalie Hunt

    'Smart' phone use?

    I hope that the wet weather did not curtail any family plans over half-term and that our pupils have returned refreshed and ready to enjoy more spring-like days. I am grateful to staff who accompanied trips to Berlin (Art and German), Valencia (Spanish exchange) and Italy (ski trip.); I know how muc...
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  • Published on 16/02/24 by Natalie Hunt

    Our best advocates

    I have never seen myself as a salesman, but that is in effect what I am as I do my best to convince prospective parents that an LGS education is the best investment they can make for their child(ren). We only have one chance at education, and it is a precious gift, often made possible only through s...
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  • Published on 09/02/24 by Natalie Hunt

    Safety first

    I have been an independent schools inspector since 2004 and have just returned from inspecting a school in Essex. Because I have visited many different schools as a senior leader, I am used to ‘taking the temperature’ fairly quickly and judging whether it is a calm, purposeful and happy...
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  • Published on 02/02/24 by Natalie Hunt

    Engage brain

    I don’t have super-neat handwriting and sometimes even struggle to read a rapidly scrawled note to myself. I certainly pity my very patient PA! Of course, when I try harder, I can be neater, although I type so much nowadays that it does sometimes demand an effort. Our pupils, of course, are ev...
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  • Published on 26/01/24 by Natalie Hunt

    For whom we serve

    It has been a very busy week, but one which has made me immensely proud of our school community. Many thanks to all those parents who took the time to give feedback to the inspectors about their children’s experience. That feedback was hugely positive and supportive of our aspirations, clea...
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