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  • Published on 22/01/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Everyone a leader

    Leadership currently is more important than ever, and we shall no doubt have our own views about the effectiveness of political leadership in such hugely complex times. I am sure we have also all been fascinated, as well as alarmed, by what we have witnessed in the United States over the last fortni...
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  • Published on 15/01/21 by Natalie Hunt

    Start where you are

    We are really pleased to ‘see’ pupils back in lessons and have been impressed in the first week by their levels of engagement. The ability now afforded to us by the Teams update to see whole classes on screen and to send pupils into break-out rooms to collaborate makes a substantial diff...
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  • Published on 11/12/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Coffee culture

    “The only thing we have is one another. The only competitive advantage we have is the culture and values of the company. Anyone can open up a coffee store. We have no technology, we have no patent. All we have is the relationship around the values of the company and what we bring to the cust...
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  • Published on 04/12/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Work hard, be kind, be inspired

    You may have heard of the Michaela Community School, a controversial free school opened in 2014 in a converted office block near Wembley stadium. Its founder, Katharine Birbalsingh, believes that military-style discipline and pupils that are ‘drilled to thrill’ are key to education, and...
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  • Published on 27/11/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Let's talk!

    Many of our Year 13 students have recently benefited from practice for forthcoming interviews: Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) for medicine, with a range of medical professionals; and Oxbridge interviews, via an exchange process with other independent schools. These have all occurred remotely but ha...
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  • Published on 20/11/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Adjusting the viewfinder

    You will no doubt be aware that there is considerable discussion of next summer’s public exams currently. There is pressure on the Government from certain quarters to follow Wales, or at least Scotland, in cancelling GCSEs or A levels or both - especially as children’s education continue...
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  • Published on 13/11/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Shared remembrance

    On Wednesday, we held our Act of Remembrance, this year also remembering those who have tragically died or suffered loss during our global conflict with the pandemic. And we gave thanks for the hope offered by the discovery of a vaccine.
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  • Published on 06/11/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Shining brightly

    We have regrouped this week after the half-term holiday, and I am very pleased to see pupils and staff happily engaged in the life of the school. Some of you will have read in the news three weeks ago about Edmund O’Leary. He was feeling very depressed after a what he described as “a...
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  • Published on 16/10/20 by Natalie Hunt

    A brighter future

    It is really hard for all of us at the moment to focus on anything other than the ‘here and now’, so intense is our preoccupation with the daily news and how that affects our working and family lives. Whereas in the spring the weather was beautiful and there was a real sense that togethe...
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  • Published on 09/10/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Confronting challenges

    I am sure that all of us are facing challenges currently, both in work and at home, as we have continually to adapt to a situation which affects so many aspects of our lives. As the national picture deteriorates, I feel particularly for those of you who live in Leicester and who have been subject to...
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  • Published on 02/10/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Journeying Together

    We have this week concluded the third of our ‘Meet the Tutor’ evenings – which we have conducted remotely whilst being unable to invite large numbers of parents into school.
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  • Published on 25/09/20 by Natalie Hunt

    Relentless Optimism

    One of the great things about working in a school is that we’re constantly surrounded by the happy chatter and the good humour of children. It’s been a bit of a gloomy week on the news-front and it’s suddenly turned a bit colder and wetter – but the fun of the classroom conti...
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