The Chaplaincy Team

The chaplaincy team are:

Mr Philip Millward, Lay Chaplain

Philip comes from a school background, where he has plenty of pastoral experience, especially in his role as a Boarding Housemaster. He also has much experience of leading school chapel services and leading more informal Christian Youth groups. For more information on Chapel life, he can be contacted on millwardp@leicestergrammar.org.uk

Dr Simon Ainge, Organist

Dr Ainge plays the school organ for the weekly services in school in addition to being Head of Chemistry. He also plays the organ at John the Baptist Church Billesdon. Dr Ainge can be contacted on ainges@leicestergrammar.org.uk

The role of the Chaplain

Philip is appointed by the LGST to work across the three schools within the Trust. He is resident in the Senior School for three days each week, and is also readily available to come to the school to provide support at other times, as and when required.

Philip's role is to provide an extra level of pastoral care for the whole Senior School community, to be there as an additional, independent listening ear for anyone who may need it (hot chocolate is always available!), to lead Chapel Services, some assemblies and activities, and to help in the classroom if needed.

Whilst Philip is a Christian, he is available for all members of the community, whether from a Religious background or not.

The Chapel Programme

The Chapel programme is very varied, ranging from the formal services when the whole school comes together (such as the School Foundation Day, Remembrance, Christmas, Easter) to more informal meetings, such as the Christian Union. There are also voluntary services, opportunities to explore the Christian faith and to serve in the Chapel. Furthermore, the school also seeks to provide support for members of the community of other faiths, including the provision for Muslims to pray at lunchtimePlease see PDF link to the term programme below.

History of St Nicholas Chapel

When LGS was founded in 1981, the first Headmaster based the school’s Christian tradition on those he had found at Lancing College in Shoreham Sussex.  The Chapel’s worship and liturgy reflected then the Catholic and Reformed traditions of the Church of England, whereas now the focus in the services is more on the relevance of the Christian faith. The school’s dedication service was held at Leicester Cathedral and for the first 17 years, the school worshipped at the Cathedral. 

The St. Nicholas Chapel at the Great Glen site was dedicated on 15th September 2008 by the Rt. Rev’d Tim Stevens, Bishop of Leicester. The saint’s name was chosen by the original Headmaster of LGS, John Higginbotham as the name of the original school building, and transferred by the previous Headmaster, Christopher King. The name St. Nicholas was chosen by Higginbotham because the school building stood close to St. Nicholas Church in the city centre (one of the oldest churches in Leicester) and was also the dedication name of the school chapel at Lancing College. In 2017 the Grant of Arms to the school trust saw the symbol of St. Nicholas placed within the Shield.