Please select a bus route below for more information and to book.

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School Buses to Leicester Grammar School and Leicester Grammar Junior School

Please note that the stops marked on the above map should be used as a guide only. Please check the Bus Routes PDF at the end of this page.

Booking a Place on a Bus

A parent coordinator has been appointed for each of the bus routes and contact details are shown on the website.

A bus booking form is also available on the school website.

To book a place on a bus, complete the application form and send it to the named coordinator for the route you would like to use.

The following travel options are available

  1. Mornings only,
  2. Afternoons only,
  3. Return journey.

All options are for travel Monday to Friday during term-time.

Places are allocated on a first come first served basis. Every effort is made to provide a place for all the pupils who wish to travel by bus, but no guarantees can be given, especially if an application is received close to the start of term.

Parents are encouraged to submit an application form as soon as they know what their travel arrangements will be.

Once you have been allocated a place on a school bus, there is no need to re-apply in subsequent years. Unless you indicate to the contrary, it will be assumed that your travel plans have not changed and you will be invoiced accordingly and issued with a new bus pass.

Further Information

To book a place on a bus, or for further information, please contact the parent co-ordinator for the route you wish to use.

If you wish to use the public bus that stops at the bottom of the school drive and runs between Leicester and Market Harborough, please click here for the time table.

Bus Route Co-ordinators

Please note that depending on the screen you are viewing this table on, you may need to use the scroll at the bottom to view all details.

Route 1

Mrs Kathryn Mepham

07543 563009


Route 2

Mrs Steph Osborn

07976 782075


Route 3

Dr. Mayen Cunden  

07484 831337


Route 4

Mrs Suzy Copeland

07593 945331


Route 5

Mrs Rachel Toach

07833 051317


Route 6

Mr David Callaghan

07534 157 070


Route 8

Mrs Linda Grandidge

07753 838841


Route 10 A/B

Dr. Cerys Gordon


If belongings are accidentally left on a school bus, please speak to the driver the following day. The bus co-ordinator is unlikely to be able to assist as this is an issue for the bus company itself to respond to.