Topping the charts for affordable excellence in education

LGS pupils recently celebrated outstanding examination results, with the school comfortably in pole academic position in Leicestershire, based on A*/A grades at A-level (72%) and 9-7 (old A*/A) at GCSE (81%). In the Daily Telegraph national league tables of independent schools, this led to a ranking of 40th at A-level and 54th at GCSE. The vast majority of schools ranked higher are in London or the South East, and LGS was surpassed at GCSE by only one school with lower fees, and by only two at A-level.

With our leavers soon excitedly departing for universities of their choosing (with a rich array of arts, humanities and science courses, including 14 studying medicine), we have welcomed a record number of new pupils into our Sixth Form, attracted by our reputation for excellence and by the breadth of our Aspire programme. This includes academic enrichment, a leadership course, co-curricular involvement and community service or charity fundraising, ensuring that our pupils leave us as well-rounded, generous human beings, with the skills and qualities needed for success in an ever-changing world.

Headmaster John Watson commented:

"We wear these fine accolades with humility, as we know that academic results reflect only one aspect of a school's success. A very strong sense of community and mutual support means that our pupils' well-being and happiness remain at the heart of all our endeavours, and in fact underpin their achievements in so many aspects of school life. We are acutely aware of the sacrifices our parents make to afford an LGS education and are very keen, via our means-tested fee remissions, to make such an opportunity as accessible as possible."