Doors of opportunity

We seem to be heading in the right direction! Let’s really hope that those words “cautious” and “irreversible” will be the theme of the next few weeks as different aspects of society gradually re-open.

We’re truly delighted that children’s education has been prioritised and that we can welcome all pupils back to school in just over a week. Now that we are permitted to conduct the testing before 8 March, it is exciting to know that our corridors will again be filled with happy chatter and purposeful activity from 8.30am on that Monday.

We don’t underestimate how important that moment is. Pupils have risen with impressive resilience and good humour to the challenges, and they have continued to make some excellent academic progress with their teachers via remote learning. However, they long to see their friends, to play team sports again, to make live music with each other and to benefit from some of the spontaneity that is missing when you have continually to mute and unmute (and to remember to do the latter!).

We have done our best to sustain a sense of positive and active community, even whilst apart – as is amply reflected in our fortnightly online newsletter, ‘LGS Together’. Our pupils’ well-being is every bit as important as their academic progress, as they won’t anyway flourish in their studies without a feeling of self-worth, value and belonging.

So, as we re-open, we shall be very aware that some may be anxious about returning to school after this second long lockdown. It will be really important that pupils again follow guidance very carefully as we observe social distancing measures wherever possible and carefully consider each other’s needs and feelings.

Please do not hesitate to contact your son or daughter’s form tutor if you have any concerns, before or after 8 March. We are keen that the final weeks of term should be as productive and happy as possible.

With the good news about vaccines, blue skies above us, and bulbs beginning to bloom, the outlook is suddenly far rosier.

Best wishes,

John Watson