For whom we serve

It has been a very busy week, but one which has made me immensely proud of our school community.

Many thanks to all those parents who took the time to give feedback to the inspectors about their children’s experience. That feedback was hugely positive and supportive of our aspirations, clearly reflecting the values which we share between school and home.

I am not permitted to share the provisional findings of the inspection with you until the final report is published (with a timeline of approximately 35 working days after this week). However, I hope you will be very pleased and reassured by what you will read in due course – even if it will be written in quite bland inspector-speak with no superlatives permitted.

The school has undergone a very rigorous process of close scrutiny of the Independent School Standards Regulations (over 400 of them) by a team of eight inspectors. The different sections of the new inspection framework are built around these standards, with pupils' wellbeing in all aspects of school life at the heart. There are no grades given under this new framework although every report has to contain recommended next steps, which I am pleased to say will in our case reflect our own identified priorities and thus support us with that direction of travel.

In their own confidential survey, in lessons and activities, and in the numerous conversations with inspectors on their work and on their views of school life, our pupils did us proud. They feel safe and happy at school, and inspectors quickly identified our conspicuous balance between aspiration and caring community.

I am very grateful for your ongoing support and for the team effort of our staff, dedicated as they are to the success and happiness of our young people.

Best wishes,

John Watson