Trust team dominates County Golf

Our Trust golf team, consisting of Anay (@LGS_Juniors), Eesha (@LGS_Senior), and Noah  (@LGS_Stoneygate), displayed an outstanding performance at the County Golf event held in Kibworth. The team's exceptional skill and determination led them to sweep the competition and secure a place in the upcoming National Finals.

Noah emerged as the star of the event, capturing the top spot with a remarkable 43 points. His stellar performance not only cemented the team's success but also showcased his individual talent. Impressing everyone present, Noah played an astounding seven strokes under his handicap of 11. The young golfer's exemplary display of skill and composure was nothing short of extraordinary.

Eesha and Anay also stood out, delivering impressive performances that contributed to the team's victory. Both players exhibited great precision and skill, finishing the event with 33 points each. Their consistent and remarkable performance, combined with Noah's extraordinary achievement, secured the Trust team's victory.

The triumph in the County Golf event marks an important milestone for the Trust team, as they now have the privilege of representing both their school and county at the upcoming National Finals. Scheduled to take place on the 10th of July at the prestigious Woodhall Spa, a renowned venue that has hosted the British Open, the National Finals promise to be a momentous occasion for the talented golfers.