In praise of houses

Many of us were on Wednesday treated to super performances in the biennial House Drama competition. While it was possible during Covid-restrictions to reinvent much of what we normally did, House Drama sadly did not fall into this category in October 2020, when we found ourselves between two lockdowns. Firstly, we were working in year group bubbles to limit the spread of infection, and secondly, we had to keep parents at bay! Thank goodness we are no longer living in that bizarre world.

Wednesday’s performances showed the house system at its very best. Pupils from Prep to Year 13 had worked fairly intensively together over less than five weeks to produce highly entertaining outcomes, such that we often rocked with laughter. We saw genuine talent, lots of happy and courageous participation, and a real sense of joy! There are few school activities in which 18-year-olds direct, encourage and support pupils as young as 10, and the mutual respect was palpable. It reflected the oft-voiced desire of our Sixth Formers to lead and serve others lower down the school, acting as excellent role models. (Our noble House Heads deserve some credit too!)

We have just been surveying pupils on their co-curricular participation this half of term and the break perhaps gives you the opportunity to ask your child how they are benefiting from the many activities on offer. We believe that such activities are hugely important for their development, and they will often discover talents of which they had never dreamt. Above all, they will have great fun alongside others – as was so amply apparent on Wednesday, with all of us going home exhilarated!

So, please encourage your child to enjoy our clubs and activities (https://www.lgs-senior.org.uk/clubs-and-activities), as they ensure healthy balance in their busy lives. They won’t and don’t need always to be an expert, and the house system really enables them to ‘have a go’ and to be pleasantly surprised!

Thank you very much for your support this half of term. I hope you will be able to enjoy time together as a family over the break.

Best wishes,

John Watson