House Drama 2019

Last night saw a tight contest of skill and wit in House Drama!

  1. Judges came first with their Alice in Wonderland tale, full of colour and high quality acting.
  2. Dukes came a close second with a funny and heart-warming tale about a family intercepted by aliens, entitled Bonding.
  3. VCs were third with a courtroom tale with the Big Bad Wolf on trial, apparently framed by Granny and the Lumberjack, in a twist on Little Red Riding Hood.
  4. Masters performed a rhyming pantomime-like tale of Beauty and the Beast.

All Houses had worked hard on learning lines, creatively putting together costumes and props, using the space to their advantage and rehearsing tirelessly in the run up to the event. In just a few short weeks the Houses all produced amazing and fun productions of which everyone felt incredibly proud.

Stand out performances were the two "Alices" in Wonderland played by Millie Warrilow and Kate McCallister, the Granny and Sister Letitia in Bonding played by Yash Bhatia and Anaya Kotecha, the devious Granny in Little Red Riding Hood played by Rebecca Faust, and the hilarious horse and endearing Alice in Beauty and Beast played by Nahbi Odeh and Kiren Odedra.

All cast and crew put in amazing effort and energy and it was a brilliant night's entertainment.