Shortlist of Foundation Day Essay Competition Finalists for 2019-20

Mrs Higginson has now shortlisted the finalists for the 2019 Foundation Day Essay Competition. The title this year was 'My Favourite Fictional Character'. 

Congratulations to the following pupils:

Prep:   1. Tilly Goold: Joey from “Friends”
             2. Theo Woods: Odysseus

Year 7: 1. Zahra Hardman: the second Mrs de Winter from “Rebecca”
             2. Arnav Rai: Percy Jackson
             3. Grace Dhesi: Hermione Granger
             4. Teigan McNeil-Gibson: Granny in the video game
             5. Rowan Wheatley: Grandpa Joe from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”
             6. Nevaeh Sachdev: the BFG
             7. Hamza Patel: James Bond
             8. Niamh Austin: Max Ernest from “The Name of this Book is Secret”

Year 8: 1. Eden Grant: Katniss Everdeen from “The Hunger Games”
             2. Gabriel Smith: Skulduggery Pleasant
             3. Katie Bensi: Phoebe from “Friends”
             4. Diya Bhatt: Death from “The Book Thief”
             5. Abia Thangal: Mr Bean
             6. Kathryn Rawlings: Matilda
             7. Nandini Waghela: the Phantom in “The Phantom of the Opera”

Year 9: 1. Jessica Sahedra: the Mad Hatter
             2. Sienna Amin: the Joker
             3. Lola Alba: Katniss Everdeen
             4. Jake Moore: Charlie Bucket from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”
             5. Lily Dimitrova: Pippi Longstocking

Year 10: 1. Milly Kotecha: Jane Eyre
               2. Harry Khalid: Will Smith in “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”
               3. William Wale: Jeeves
               4. Nya Patel: Captain Raymond Holt in “Brooklyn 99”
               5. Matthew Kerr: Dick Dastardly
               6. Souganan Vijayananthan: Horrid Henry
               7. Henry Hunt: Captain America
               8. Arjun Kotecha: Captain Picard of “Star Trek”
               9. Thomas Mann: Godzilla
              10. Rhik Dasgupta: the Incredible Hulk
              11. Abby Loke: Draco Malfoy

Year 11:  1. Maya Joshi: Clarice Starling (and against Thomas Hardy’s Tess)
                2. Caspian Eshtyaghi-Glass: Ferris Bueller
                3. Emily Bennett: Villanelle
                4. Anna Kellie: Walter Mitty
                5. Mustafa Mamujee: Thanos

Year 12: 1. Saniya Bhatt: Shashi Godbole from “English Vinglish”
                 2. Antonia Veary: Aeneas
                 3. Annabelle Onions: Cal Trask from “East of Eden” by John Steinbeck
                 4. Gracie Fraser: Portia
                 5. Nahbi Odeh: Jack from “Jack and the Beanstalk”
                 6. Caitlin Musto: Forest Gump
                 7. Ellen Blaine: Jack Sparrow
                 8. Tara Zarb:  Thomas Barrow from “Downton Abbey”

Year 13:  1. Nicholas Njoba-Kaba: Carl Fredricksen in “Up”
                  2. Akifa Azhar: Light Yagami in “Death Note”
                  3. Zenya Ram: Ariel in “The Tempest”
                  4. Lily Green: Robbie in “Atonement”
                  5. Lily Livermore: Jay Gatsby
                  6. Ellie Moore: Winston Smith in “1984”

Note: These names are not in rank order and are not a final winners’ list. The final judging will be done by Dr Griffin shortly and will include about 25-30 names, no more than six (if first, second and third place are all tied) for each year group.