The imperative for change

Subsequent to his assembly on the shocking death of George Floyd and on the Black Lives Matter movement, the Headmaster, Mr Watson, has been asking pupils how the widespread and deep-seated expression of hurt and pent-up frustration can actually be turned into meaningful and positive change, which dismantles barriers rather than erects new ones.

Staff and pupils rightly celebrate the diversity which enriches our school community, but there is more to do. We shall look harder at our curriculum to address its Eurocentric bias and to foster a better understanding of the European colonial period. We shall not only re-emphasise our intolerance of racist language and abuse, but we must also challenge any attitudes, systems or structures which either overtly or subtly enable inequality or bias to persist. We shall further encourage discussion and activities which embrace the benefits of cultural difference. And we must examine our own consciences to ensure that we judge all individuals according to their character and not their race, background or colour of their skin. This productive conversation will continue in the spirit of mutual respect, one of the school's key values, and so as to build decisively on the imperative for change.