Junior Maths Challenge 2020

The Junior Maths Challenge was held on Wednesday 24th June and the whole of Year 8 and a selected number of Year 7 and Prep students took part. The paper was one hour long and is usually taken in St Nicholas Hall in exam conditions. Due to lockdown, we had to improvise! UKMT, the organisation that run the maths challenge, decided to run the competition online. So that's what we did and with great success! Here are some reviews from some of our Set 1 Year 8 Mathematicians:

I thought that the challenge was quite easy to follow and the software was quite simple to use. I don’t prefer it over a physical paper though.
Isaac Chi


The format was very easy to follow and I definitely enjoyed it!
Brayden Navello


The maths challenge was obviously different to other years, and the digital format took a little while to get used to, but I really enjoyed it. Especially when I worked out the last question, and went "YEEEEEEESSSSSSS", it was fun!
Kee Kiam Soh


I thought it went very well, and the instructions were clear and concise. In the circumstances, it was the best it could have been. Sonia Naidu

We look forward to finding out everyone's results in the next few weeks!