Foundation Day Essay Winners

Congratulations to the winners, as chosen by Dr Griffin, for this year's competition: My Idea of Fun. Thank you to Mrs Higginson for organising the competition, reading all the essays and providing Dr Griffin with the shortlist.

Year 6 (Prep):

  • First Prize: Benji Dubois, What is Fun?
  • Second Prize: Lorenzo Corbo, Spending Time with my Extended Family

Year 7:

  • First Prize: Ethan Turner-Peters, Chess
  • Joint Second Prize: Molly Curtis, Ponies and Zac Sattar, My Little Sister
  • Third Prize: Aamani Seth, Refurbishing Properties

Year 8:

  • First Prize: Alice Coker, Sometimes being Social, Sometimes being Alone
  • Second Prize: Grace Dhesi, Going on my Phone
  • Third Prize: Harriet Firth, Playing Hockey in Goal

Year 9:

  • First Prize: Diya Bhatt, Fun is Flexible and Fluent
  • Second Prize: Clementine Buchanan, Imagining the Queen’s Idea of Fun

Year 10:

  • First Prize: Millie Parker, Going to the Seaside at Southwold
  • Second Prize: Amelia Blythe, Not being Part of the Capitalist System

Year 11:

  • Joint First Prize: Shruti Chakraborty, Childhood Innocence and Freedom and Beatrice Sadler, Riding a Horse at Full Gallop
  • Second Prize: Akshayaa Subaharan, Cooking
  • Third Prize: Jayree Taylor, Loud Music

Year 12:

  • First Prize: Eleanor Jones, Walking Outdoors
  • Joint Second Prize: Yaameen Yusuf, a Long Drive with Music and Lewis Hurd, at the Playground as a Child

Year 13:

  • First Prize: Urvita Roy, Board Games
  • Joint Second Prize: Thomas England, the Chemistry of Enjoyment and Antonia Veary, the Joy of Language
  • Third Prize: Nathan Wong, Football Matchday