British Physics Olympiad 2018

This year over 1,740 students participated in the British Physics Olympiad across the UK. The 3 hour paper was designed to stretch and challenge the top young Physicists in the country in a national competition, which is used to select the International Physics Olympiad representatives later in the year. Every question is indeed a real challenge and all of our students can be proud of their achievements, but special mentions should go to Prabhjot Grewal and James Scudamore who achieved a Silver award, which places them in the top 12% of students entering the competition.

Name Award
Prabhjot Grewal  Silver
James Scudamore Silver
Maria Hancock Commendation
Andrew Higginson Commendation
Peter Ringland Commendation
Lucy Ring Commendation
Shaylen Rabheru Commendation
Priyan Patel Commendation
Grade Mark Boundary Percentage of
No of students
Gold (Top 50)  81-100 3.2% 55
Gold 70-80 6.0%  105
Silver  57-69 12.1% 210
Bronze I 47-56 13.2% 230
Bronze II 40-46 13.5% 235
Commendation 0-39 52.0% 905

For more information on the Olympiad, click here