Headmaster’s Response to Pupil Survey Results

Mr Watson presented the findings from the Pupil Survey conducted in the Trinity Term in the first whole-school assembly of the year. In the assembly, entitled ‘Our community – existing for you’, Mr Watson summarised pupils’ views of the many positives and strengths of the school, as well as of those areas which they feel would benefit from improvement. It was gratifying to know that the vast majority of pupils agreed that they ‘enjoy being at Leicester Grammar School’! Mr Watson, supported by staff, has already begun to implement changes to address some of  the areas for improvement. Projects that have been completed or are under way so far include:

  • Planning  for a new Sixth Form programme – including Psychology A level from September 2020
  • Introducing new Sixth Form private study arrangements
  • Re-organising an overcrowded locker area 
  • Adding more outdoor and indoor seating·       
  • Enhancing co-curricular provision
  • Reviewing sports provision
  • Ensuring a wider range of healthy eating options
  • Supporting diversity, including LGBT+, with a new society
  • Further improving and communicating the mental health support available

The pupils were very pleased to know that their views are being listened to; changes are afoot and they can already see improvements.

Mr Watson is also hosting Focus Groups over the coming weeks to follow up on the Parent Survey conducted last term.