Our best advocates

I have never seen myself as a salesman, but that is in effect what I am as I do my best to convince prospective parents that an LGS education is the best investment they can make for their child(ren). We only have one chance at education, and it is a precious gift, often made possible only through significant parental sacrifice.

Recruiting a sufficient number of pupils every year who will thrive at LGS is obviously essential for the future vibrancy of our school – as our pupils are our raison d’être and our life blood. Yesterday afternoon, I listened to a review of aspects of our marketing by a consultant – as we obviously need to ensure its effectiveness and to make improvements wherever we can. It is clear that our best form of marketing is the advocacy of our parents and pupils; put simply, happy parents and happy children will spread the word.

In the morning, we hosted about twenty families for ‘LGS at Work’: an opportunity to visit the school on a ‘normal’ day. I am unfailingly impressed by the natural self-confidence and courtesy of our pupils as they guide visitors around – and our visitors, in turn, always enjoy their company. I’m obviously very proud of our school community and love talking about its many qualities and hearing too about prospective parents’ impressions. They talked variously yesterday about the very positive ‘feel’ of the school, said that it seemed ‘happy, calm and purposeful’; they understood ‘the culture’ and commented that it felt ‘real’ compared to some other schools they had visited. They were very complimentary about their guides.

As we approach half-term, our spirits are not dampened by the wet weather, although we are ready for a rest! I thank you for your support and hope that you too are able to enjoy some rest with your children at some point during half-term.

Best wishes,

John Watson