Shining brightly

We have regrouped this week after the half-term holiday, and I am very pleased to see pupils and staff happily engaged in the life of the school.

Some of you will have read in the news three weeks ago about Edmund O’Leary. He was feeling very depressed after a what he described as “a horrible year”. And he decided to send this tweet: "I am not OK. Feeling rock bottom. Please take a few seconds to say hello if you see this tweet. Thank you."

Within minutes, he began receiving messages from around the world, and his tweet went viral. It has been retweeted more than 14,000 times and received more than 300,000 likes. He told BBC Breakfast a few days later:

"The whole experience has been absolutely surreal and provides me with a lot of hope. I've gone from feeling like a nobody to feeling like a somebody. Eighteen and a half million people and counting have seen my tweet. Nothing can prepare you for that!"

The many messages of support included some from celebrities, with BBC correspondent Fergal Keane reminding him that "morning always comes".  As an aviation enthusiast, he was especially encouraged by a tweet from staff at Dublin Airport: "You are not alone. So many people are feeling exactly that way at the minute. Never forget that you are loved & there are people who care about you."

I spoke about this to pupils in assembly on Monday, and I have challenged them to use their imaginations, individually and collectively, to come up with ideas for how they can support others at such a challenging time – in school, at home and in the community. You will have seen how some are already doing this from last week’s LGS Together newsletter. We would like them to do something positive for others; in so doing, they will have a greater sense of positive purpose themselves, making a real difference to our world over the next few weeks, and at a time when it is most needed. Some of these ideas they will be able to implement immediately, whilst others will require our facilitation. The stars are clearest on the darkest nights, and our pupils’ acts of positivity will also shine all the more brightly in today’s sombre surrounds.

So, please encourage your child to respond to this challenge when you have the opportunity; you may indeed see a positive difference at home!

Best wishes,

John Watson
Headmaster and Principal