We were pleased last night to welcome Year 9 parents into school to talk about the ‘GCSE Years’ - with presentations on subject choices, careers guidance and choices in life. I genuinely believe that those ‘right’ choices or decisions in life have become more difficult for our young people, as there is less of a consensus in society over a clear moral code and as the lines between their virtual and real worlds are sometimes blurred. It is therefore all the more important that we give them clear signposts along the way.

Our Year 13 have made big and exciting choices this year regarding the next chapter of their lives, whether that be continuation to university, a GAP year or an apprenticeship. They are all very well-equipped to make those decisions and we delight in listening to their plans! The vast majority of our students have received offers for the courses of their choosing, with a great variety of different options, often for very competitive courses. Many of our medics, supported by a special programme of preparation, are currently undergoing interviews and will have to be more patient than most applicants for other courses. We are very pleased that we have a record ten offers for degrees at Cambridge or Oxford, again for a range of subjects, and we are proud of every one of our students as they look forward to an exciting future, working hard to achieve their goals and to realise their dreams.

Best wishes,

John Watson