Spring is in the air

One of the joys of my job is its sheer variety, but I doubt many of us have lived through such unpredictable times as today. So much seems to have changed in the last three weeks and up-to-date news and advice have been a major preoccupation - and hardly a jolly one at that.

Spring, however, does at last seem to be in the air, and the rain is at least a little less frequent!
I imagine that most of us love this season, as the bright colour of blossom and bulbs returns, as days get longer and warmer, and as birdsong greets our awakening. I hope you have noticed the faithful daffodils that line the school drive and the tiny, bleating lambs in the farmer’s field as you turn off London Road. Every year, they herald the arrival of new life as we emerge from winter into spring.

I am sorry if all this sounds rather sentimental! My point is that, whatever the news, whatever our concerns for the future, there is still a certain predictability, reliability and beauty in many aspects of the world around us. And it is important that we do our best as adults, at school and at home, to reassure our children and to provide some stability at a time of such unpredictability and anxiety.

Best wishes

John Watson
Headmaster and Principal