Staying well and safe

I hope that you and family enjoyed some rest and time together over the half-term week as you sheltered from the storms. The weather was not on our side, but we have been enjoying brighter and longer days since our return to school.

We are grateful to those parents who take the time to complete surveys and questionnaires as we consult you on various aspects of school life. We realise that we risk survey-fatigue, but your responses are always carefully considered and help to inform our planning and our practice. The Friends survey included many helpful responses as well as the offer of occasional support or committee membership; you will no doubt hear from them once the new committee is in place and fresh plans are forthcoming

We consulted you (as well as pupils and staff) on well-being and invited some parents into school for a discussion. This informed our final submission of evidence and planning for the Well-being Award for Schools, which we were granted subsequent to a verification process earlier this month. As part of their report, the verifier stated: Evidence provided is thorough and relevant. The school has been extremely receptive to guidance and acted on all action points identified in advisory meetings..... The school has welcomed the opportunity to rigorously review provision for emotional wellbeing and mental health..... I am very happy to verify this award for Leicester Grammar School. Congratulations to the whole school community on this significant recognition of their hard work and diligence.   

So, yes, we have the ‘badge’ - but what it actually reflects is our whole-hearted commitment to the well-being of all members of our community, in both proactive and reactive ways.

Alongside this emphasis on our pupils’ well-being is an unremitting focus on their safety. Our safeguarding policies and procedures are kept under constant review and their implementation is monitored by both school leaders and trustees. Staff receive regular training and model appropriate behaviour, and more specialist training is undertaken by those with responsibility for pastoral care or recruitment; we therefore have significant experience and expertise in this most important area of school life, so that, working with external agencies, we can aim to give our children and their families the best possible support. It is vital that every child feels safe and that an open school culture enables both staff and pupils to recognise concerns and to know that their voice will be heard support. The Trust Safeguarding and Well-being Committee of trustees, heads and designated safeguarding leads exists to monitor and review arrangements and to share best practice.

Please be reassured that gaining an award or passing an inspection will never mean that we become complacent or stand still. The Well-being Award includes future areas for development, and we have recently commissioned an independent safeguarding review for all three schools; such external audits help us to reflect on practice and to consider further improvements to the care of our pupils – a care which underpins their happiness, development and academic success.

Best wishes,

John Watson