Leicester Grammar School Steps Up for Charity

Today Leicester Grammar School Steps up for Charity, raising money for Pets as Therapy and Open Hands.

Tom has been our inspiration for the former, and over £13,000 has so far been raised so that others too can benefit from the loving support of pets. Open Hands offers food, clothing, furniture, mentoring and advice to the most disadvantaged in our city, especially important at a time of increased hardship for many.

Our pupils are all gifted in their own way, and they can give of their time, effort, money and personalities to make life better for others. Such generosity is enriching in itself, and often brings as much happiness and meaning to the giver as it does to those who receive.

It’s hard to understand where the current crisis is taking us, but our pupils have said it has helped them to take less for granted and to appreciate the small things. There have also been many examples of kindness and selflessness towards neighbours, and I hope we have become less focussed on our own needs and more grateful for all that we enjoy.

Many have expressed the hope that we retain these lessons for after lockdown. In the meantime, we step out today to enjoy walking, cycling and other physical challenges. We step up for Tom. And we pledge to make our world a better place.

Best wishes,

John Watson
Headmaster and Principal