The heart of the matter

I have been away for two days this week inspecting another school.

The current inspection framework focusses on the outcomes for pupils in both achievements and personal development - and the most rewarding aspect of any inspection is undoubtedly the meetings and discussions with the pupils.

They are often laudably articulate and very open in their views of the school. They also take conspicuous pride in the membership of their school community.

The same is true of our pupils at LGS. I would not want to be an executive head who did not know my pupils or my staff. I became a teacher because I loved working with young people, and that remains true today, despite my having less contact with them than my colleagues. If I am having to deal with challenging situations, the best antidote is often to leave my office and walk around school, reminding myself of why I am here. Talking to pupils at times of pressure lightens my mood and helps me to retain my sanity!

It is a great privilege for us as teachers to support children in their growth to adulthood and we thank you for entrusting them to us in the most formative years of their Iives.

Best wishes

John Watson