Welcoming Ukrainian friends

Leicester Grammar School has been very pleased to welcome a group of eleven Ukrainian teenagers this week, to share our school life while being hosted by LGS families.

Headmaster, John Watson, said: "We are delighted to be in a position to give a warm welcome to our Ukrainian guests, in the hope that they will benefit for a short while from the peace and stability which we enjoy every day. We stand too in solidarity alongside them in the huge challenges which they and their families are enduring."

Project leader, Solomiia Blagitko, commented: “We are immensely grateful to everyone involved in our educational project for the children of Ukrainian heroes. We are proud to have found British hearts willing to share in our pain and hope. It is crucial that we tell the stories of these children, support them, and give them the motivation and strength for their future. For two years, we've sought the right words to capture the world's attention and amplify the voices of Ukrainian children. Despite the ongoing war, our resolve only grows stronger.

The children will study at the school from 17 - 22 June, followed by a few days exploring England, experiencing a safe learning environment, free from the threat of sirens and bomb shelters. This trip is a precious gift to them, all of whom have family members caught up in the conflict.

These children will carry a piece of LGS's culture, traditions, and a bit of England back to their school and friends in Ukraine. As for me, Solomiia, my middle daughter has been thriving at Leicester Grammar School for the past year, and we aim to spread LGS's academic and cultural spirit to others.

We hope in due course to host a 'Discover Ukraine' week, showcasing the largest country in Europe with its ancient history and rich traditions. We look forward in our turn to welcoming our LGS friends."