Leicester History Festival 2022


Festival Line Up

Abir Mukherjee

Place, Time and Committing a Murder to Scratch an Itch: How crime fiction helped me make sense of my identity

Talk (Age 11+) - 10:45-11:45 - St Nicholas' Hall

Dr Julian Griffin

Otherness and Armchair Imperialism in the Eighteenth Century James Boswell and Travel Readers
Talk (Age 16+) - 11.00-11.45 - Recital Room




Anthony King

The 1000 Years Show!
Families! - 11.00-11.20, 14.20-14.40 and 15.10 - 15.30 - Library




Meet Samurai Joe

Japanese Samurai - weapons and myths.  
Age 7+ - 11.30-12.00 - CG7




Bird on the Hand

Medieval Falconry
Families! - All day (birds in flight at 12.30 and 15.00) - Falconry Field




The Ferrers Household

15th century reenactment society of the Wars of the Roses
Families! - All day - Falconry Field






Michael Sheridan

Dealing with Dictators-Lessons from Hong Kong
Interview (Age 14+) - 12.00-13.00 - St Nicholas' Hall

Michael Sheridan is a former Sunday Times Far East Correspondent and recent author of ‘The Gate to China- A New History of the People’s Republic and Hong Kong’.                      Signed copies on sale in the foyer.






Mark Dawson

Food and the Tudors
Talk (Families!) - 12.00-12.45 - Recital Room






Jim Butler/Shruti Chakraborty

50 Years of Ugandan Asians in Leicester
Talk (Age 11+) - 11.30-12.15 - Library

A pop-up Exhibition on the Ugandan Asians will be on display in the foyer all day




Philip Pratt

Become a Roman archaeologist
Talk (Age 11+) - 11.30-12.15 - CG2



Frontline History

Life in World War One Trenches
Workshop (Families!) - 12.30-13.15 and 14.45-15.15 - CG7






Dr Teyhun Ma

Clash of Empires: Imperialism in China and its Legacies
Talk (Age 14+) - 13.15-14.00 - St. Nicholas' Hall




Catherine Ross and Lynda-Louise Burrell

The Caribbean Contribution to British Culture
Talk (Families!) - 13.15-14.00 and 15.15-16.00 - Recital Room

Dr Javad Hashemi

A picture of Afghanistan
Talk (Age 11+) - 12.30-13.15 - Library




Dr Amy Schofield

Fight like a Greek
Workshop (Families!) - 12.30-13.15 and 14.30-15.15 - CG2





Jeffrey Boakye

Musical Truth: History of Black Britain in 28 Songs
Talk (Age 11+) - 14.15-15.00 - St. Nicholas' Hall

Signed copies on sale by the author





Richard Ansett

Lynching in America
Talk (Age 14+) - 14.15-15.00 - Recital Room

WARNING: This session may cover some disturbing and sensitive material. Adult supervision recommended.



Richard Gibbons

Berlin and The Cold War
Talk (Age 11+) - 13.30-14.15 - Library




Historical School Ma’am McHugh

Toys through time
Workshop (Age 6+) - 13.30-14.15 - CG2




Samurai Joe

Write your name in Japanese Calligraphy
Workshop (Age 7+) - 13.45-14.30 - CG7





Archie Brown, University of Oxford

The end of the old Cold War, the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the start of a new Cold War
Talk (Age 14+) - 14.45-15.45 - St Nicholas' Hall

Signed copies on sale in the foyer.