New YE Team Announced

Congratulations to the Year 12 students who went through the rigorous application process and have now been accepted a place on the Young Enterprise Programme this year. Young Enterprise has been a successful part of our Sixth Form provision for many years. It has been a popular choice of co-curricular activity for those who wish to experience a business environment and many have found it a useful addition to their CV and UCAS personal statement as well as being a memorable and enjoyable course.

The successful candidates for 2020-2021 are:

  • Rabiah Ahmad
  • Emily Bennett
  • Sasha Chugani
  • Shaan Chugani
  • Jacob Crossley
  • Yusairah Dadabhai
  • Hasan Fatiwala
  • Zain Haq
  • Selina Hayre
  • Patrick Horne
  • Binyameen Imran
  • Nirmit Jobanputra
  • Rushil Joshi
  • Mustafa Mamujee
  • Rameen Masood
  • Zayd Master
  • Luca McKinnon
  • Matthew McKinnon
  • Lili Mepham
  • Hassan Mooncey
  • Kyle Pancholi
  • Kaylan Raja
  • Kieran Sahota
  • Megan Smal
  • Holly Teasdale
  • Saagar Thakrar
  • Jack Upton
  • Alfie Wesley
  • Matthew Worlding
  • Yaameen Yusuf 
  • Marek Zazulak