A Day of Military Challenges

On Monday 25th June the Prep had a day of Military Challenges. We all came in, prepared for our hard day. Some people came in wearing cool camouflage shirts, and some people wore blue bandanas. I was incredibly excited but slightly scared too. We had all raised lots of money and it was going to a charity called Help for Heroes. Our games teacher Mrs Laybourne had also endured a series of much harder Military Challenges. Our day would teach us about teamwork and how important it was to encourage other people. We were allowed to put face paint on which was very fun.

There were six different tasks: Endurance, Target, Speed, Strength, Teamwork and Obstacle. Our first activity was for endurance. We had to run four hundred metres in our team continuously for an hour. However we still had time to rest. It was very hard, maybe the hardest task, but we all made it with the support of our team. After that we had a break and ate delicious biscuits. Everyone was tired but happy, we still had loads of tasks to go.

Our next task was Target. This seemed to be quite easy but we had to do it sitting down! We were supposed to throw a ball through a hoop while sitting down. You got one point if you got it through the hoop from close by and two from further away. This was very fun and everybody enjoyed it. It was a way to relax a bit before we did the next activity, which was one of the worst.

Our third task was Speed. We had to sprint one hundred metres continuously in our team. This was almost as bad as the first task. We were exhausted after the first 4 lengths but we still kept going. We encouraged the people who looked tired and they felt much better. We were knackered afterwards but at least we had lunch to recover. I couldn’t wait for the afternoon.

After lunch we did the Strength task. Many people didn’t find this hard. We had to run up a hill, do two press ups then run back down. We had to do it fifty times in our team. We finished quite quickly which was good. I thoroughly enjoyed that task and found it slightly easy. Our next task was teamwork. This was an enjoyable task but a bit hurried. We had to build the tallest tower out of just newspaper and sellotape. We only had fifteen minutes to do this. One team made a huge pile, one team rolled up tubes, another stuck them together in a tall pile and one team folded the sheets (but unfortunately, it fell over). Team green won although the other teams worked very well together.

Our last task was Obstacle. First, we had to step through some tyres, then we had to carry a tackle bag over some benches, then we had to crawl through a net (which was quite hard because my shoe kept on getting caught in it), after that we had to go through a hoop and then run to some cones and finally we had to carry the tackle bag back over the benches. This was wonderful, I loved this task. We were timed, and Team Hercules won by one second. This was one of my favourite activities, everybody loved it. We were certainly tired, but we loved it. I thought that the day was great even though it was exhausting. We have definitely raised lots of money for Help for Heroes.