Prep Form

Who Might Benefit?

Traditionally the Prep form consists of children who are keen to come to Leicester Grammar School, but, perhaps do not have an Independent school background, although this is not always the case. Children from very small primary schools find this a useful transition year in preparation for the senior school.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide a happy and challenging environment for our year 6 pupils
  • To provide a 'sheltered' introduction to Grammar School life
  • To integrate the best of primary and secondary practice to provide a quality learning experience
  • To encourage the development of independence and responsibility
  • To nurture pupils as individuals
  • To encourage partnership with parents
  • To consolidate and build upon previous learning, ready for KS3
  • To foster a love of books
  • To develop long-term strategies for learning
  • To encourage pupils to care for themselves, each other and their community


All of the above is achieved by a wide and diverse curriculum which starts to mirror that of the year 7s. As a 'stepping stone' between primary and secondary education, some lessons are taught in CG1, the Prep's base, and some are taught in specialist areas of the school which involves the class moving around the building.

The Prep class are autonomous and, at the same time, they are part of the Lower School; this allows them to follow their own flexible curriculum whilst beginning to feel a part of the wider school community.

Current Enrichment Programme

The current enrichment programme for the Prep could include the following activities:

  • Field study trip to the local area
  • Trip to the Warning Zone
  • Bushcraft at Boughton Woods
  • Trip to New Walk Museum
  • Christmas Tree decorating for the Burton Overy festival
  • Visit to Leicester Cathedral
  • Week away to Commes, France
  • Drama Workshop
  • Big Bang Science Fair
  • Charitable events
  • Art workshop