Second Hand Uniform Service

The second hand uniform service is run by the LGS Charities Committee and therefore only operates during term time. All proceeds from the sale of the donated uniform are donated to charities chosen by the Committee.

We would love any donations of school uniform (of any size/clothing type) and if you are considering do so, please follow the quality guidelines down below. If you would like to donate any good quality uniform, please send it in to LGS Reception clearly marked as uniform donation.

Thank you to all parents who have done this, we really appreciate these uniform donations. These donations keep the uniform service running, enable us to raise lots of money for charity and help provide good quality uniform to the students.

Donations quality guidelines:

  • When donating uniform to the uniform service, please make sure it is clean, neat and presentable.
  • We are unable to sell old style uniform, discoloured garments (this typically applies to school jumpers, as well as any clothing with stains on them) and torn (even if the tear is patched up)/over frayed/worn out clothes.
  • A good general rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t accept your child wearing the item of clothing, consider not donating it!
  • We have these guidelines to ensure that when parents use our service, they receive satisfactory uniform.

Here are some guidelines for specific items:

  • Jackets, coats and raincoats – frayed cuffs, holes, split seams and worn linings are not acceptable.
  • Trousers – no damaged zips, holes (even if repaired), split seams, altered hems and stains.
  • Shirts – no badly worn, grimy collars, tears, stains or faded items, please.
  • Pullovers – worn cuffs, hems and elbows or badly stretched garments are not acceptable.
  • Rugby shirts – as clean as possible.
  • White articles – no stains and good elasticity in the shorts.
  • Cricket trousers and sweaters – bad grass stains are not acceptable.
  • Ties – in good condition only, please.