Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise has been a successful and popular component of our sixth form extra curricular provision for over a decade. It is an optional programme, and has been consistently oversubscribed within the school. Participation in the Young Enterprise company programme counts as AQA Bacc enrichment.

The link teacher operates an applications procedure for a place on the programme which mimics the 'real life' process of applying for a job. Successful applicants are then put in to companies of approximately eleven achievers.

  • The achievers will elect company roles which allocates a position of responsibility to various members of the company
  • This position of responsibility will be to lead a particular area of the company, such as sales, marketing or operations
  • Possible such roles may include Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director (sometimes), Company Secretary, Human Resources, Sales, Operations, Marketing, Finance, Health & Safety, ICT
  • Other roles may be defined according to need, such as project manager for a particular product/service being offered, Chairman, or Headmaster liaison
  • Achievers can therefore get a good overview of business whilst learning about certain areas of the company in depth

Achievers will therefore learn about running a company, teamwork, working to deadlines, profit and loss, liaison with other businesses amongst a host of other skills that prove very useful for UCAS and the world of work later in life.

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